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If you are a blogger, passionate writer, tech enthusiast or just a regular guy with extra-ordinary skills to present yourself then I guess you should ask yourself this question or if you already have this question in mind then below is your answer

Can I Write For Inside Tech Tricks?

Yeah, we do accept guest post from “good writers” who are hunting for some exposure

We have a updated Guest Posting policy from the approval end and now only really good posts would be approved and published

To get your article published on Inside Tech Tricks you need to follow the following guidelines


  • Firstly, Keep them original. Action might be taken against the author if plagiarized content is detected
  • Keep them up to the point
  • Maintain the word limit to 700+ words
  • Have at least one high quality image relevant to the post with proper credits to the photographer


  • Explain each and every point in the process in a interesting way, try not to make it boring
  • Have screenshots with the tutorial to explain the process in a better way

And we would love your submission if you could link to previous similar posts on Inside Tech Tricks and have a high resolution image with it

I guess by now you might have understood what we want from you, So If you have a amazing piece which you think is worth publishing here then without even wasting a second

Click here and signup to Inside Tech Tricks

Signup process is simple, when you fill in you username and email you will recieve a computer generated password via email

Due to security reasons you will be first signed up as a subscriber. When you sign up and you are ready for publishing the post just drop an email to the admin (that’s me:-) ) using our contact form which is located here

Keep the subject of the email as “GUEST POST” (all capital alphabets) and in the email mention the title of your post which you want to publish on Inside Tech Tricks and present your profile.

If I find your profile and your post interesting I will promote your subscriber account to a contributor one and then you can write of Inside Tech Tricks.

To submit your post for approval follow these steps

login here using that username and password

change the password to your desired one

edit your profile with all the links and author bio

You will get backlinks from the author bio, and you can only add one do-follow link in the bio (excluding your social profile links)

go on, add a new post and click on submit

You post will go through an approval process (they will be edited if they really require it)

If your post passes the approval process it will be published and will go live on Inside Tech Tricks

and remember, If it is found that you have submitted copied content your post will not be published and your account will be deleted

Also, it would really be great if you have a gravatar (your own profile pic) it increases your trust factor among the audience as they can see the face of the person who has written the post

Once your post is published your account will be deactivated due to security reasons, though the posts will still remain under your name and everything else will remain intact it is just that you will not be able to login to your account again

If you want to publish any other post on this blog then email the admin using the contact form mentioning the reason your account should be activated again and your username

And Please don’t ask for writing jobs or other things, we are currently not hiring and probably such emails don’t get a followup from the admin

Eagerly Waiting for your best piece

before you submit, here are a few of our stats

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