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Inside Tech Tricks is a technology blog made and managed by Nishant Arora , A fun loving computer geek who loves to write and share

Nishant Arora

Nishant Arora

What I Have To Say?

I think you all will be more interested to know about blog than me and what would be better than answering a few questions about it. So let us start..


What Can I Do For You?

Inside Tech Tricks, started in July 2012 is an approach to make the people aware about all that knowledge and tools which will help them get the most out of their digital life.I consistently work on giving you the best.

I also provide tech support via email so you can just send me an email via our contact form and i will help you out.


Who The Hell I Am?

I am described as an Internet Addict, Die Hard Blogger, A Science Student, An Avid Reader (Not the school syllabus :-D). I live in a small town named Rudrapur, located in the state of Uttrakhand, India (check out google maps if you don’t know where it is)

You will get to know more about me when you go through my articles as some of them contain some excerpts from my life and can tell you more about me

Here at Inside Tech Tricks I share all that knowledge I gained from the web.

I believe in sharing information but i hate plagiarism

If you want to know more about me then you can check out my social media profiles. You can find me on almost every social networking site but i mostly use Facebook, Twitter And Google+


Why Should You read Inside Tech Tricks?

If this the question in your mind then you are thoughtful :-)

why would someone read something if he is not being benefited by it.

You will not be disappointed if you add Inside Tech Tricks to your regular reading list or bookmarks.

We provide you really productive tips and tricks to increase your performance and we often write about funny and amazing tricks which you can use impress your friends or your geek Girlfriend(s)

Am I Eligible To Run This Blog?

That’s a valid question, can you really trust me and what I say

YES, you can trust me, I am in this this field for more than a year now (though, Inside Tech Tricks is not that old) In that one year I have gained Invaluable experience and expertise in my field

I am improving my service day by day, and here at Inside Tech Tricks, my main aim is to provide you what you are looking for

And I guess I forgot to tell you….

I am an experienced writer, My pieces are featured on top blogs like

 (Click on the blog logos to have a look at my submissions)


rediff technology

and many others…

Some People Without Whom Inside Tech Tricks Wouldn’t Have Existed 

I am currently a one man team, though sometimes I get help from my friends for writing and maintaining but here is a list on some people without whom Inside Tech Tricks would never have existed

My Family

My Father, My Mother & My Sister were some people who always supported me to do what I wanted to i.e. Blogging (Except, In exam time I often get scoldings from them when I didn’t study :-()

My Friends

This will be a long list If I mention each one of them, so here are some of my close friends who always supported me and I got inspiration from

I am sure some of these guys will fight with me by saying  “you should have written my name at the first position”

Hahaha..! I am not ranking these guys 😀

Aman Chawla (die hard Rajnikant Fan, mind it!)

Harsh Rathi (even the google guys learn SEO from him #kidding)

Arnob Mukherjee (A passionate blogger who always talks about Space, time and Dance)

Nishant Srivastava (hey, we have same names :-D)

Mosam Gor (A special thanks for helping me setup Inside Tech Tricks on wordpress)

Ifham Khan (I take inspiration of my designs from his projects)

Karan Paul (Wanna meet a polite professional? I fix up your meet with him)

Rahul Kuntala (changed the way I used to write, My blogging guru :-))

Amit Shaw (if you haven’t seen a hard working guy ever, meet him)

Ehsan Ullah Khoshbakht  (loves soccer and blogging, but doesn’t have soccer blog :-p)

that’s enough for now, let’s meet again in some post


Hope You Enjoy Your Stay At Inside Tech Tricks