Exploring The BlackBerry Z30 At 39990 Rupees

Blackberry is a company that is associated with wireless handheld devices and the company has been designing and manufacturing for many years under the name Blackberry Limited. The latest phone from Blackberry, the Z30 priced at Rs.39990, has hit the Indian markets targeting the urban youth.

Blackberry Z30

There has been a lot of scrutiny lately regarding the existence of the company but despite all that news flying around, Blackberry launched its very own Z30 with excellent features. Just like other recent blackberry Smartphone, this device also runs on Blackberry OS 10.

This model was released earlier in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in September 2013 and Australia on 18th October. The Blackberry Z30 has definitely taken the crown over the other device that was launched earlier which was the Z10. Some features of the Smartphone Z30, also codenamed as Aristo under the A-series, are mentioned below.


Blackberry had earlier released phones which have QWERTY keypads and thus the screen of the phone is relatively bigger. This phone is the second touchscreen phone which the company has launched. The first was the Z10 which also had quite a large display. But what is going to make Z30 even more popular is the fact that the screen size is 5 inches. Although the phone does not possess a screen with HD resolution, it has a screen with AMOLED display and 720×1280 pixels resolution.


Apart from the display, the camera is another noteworthy feature of the phone. The Z10 has an excellent camera and therefore the expectations are sure set high for this one as well. The Z30 has a rear camera of 8 megapixels, while the front camera is 2 megapixels. You can therefore expect the phone to give a pretty good photography experience since the camera is an excellent one.

Although, blackberry is one of those phone brands that does not have excellent camera features yet the latest models that have been released recently have certainly proved that notion wrong. Camera features also include geo-tagging, face detection and image stabilisation.


Any smartphone which is being released in the market should have an excellent processor so that it can support any of the applications that are installed into it. Blackberry is one company which is known exclusively for releasing phones that have a very strong and powerful processor that can support the latest technology. The processor used in these phones help the phone function in a smooth manner. The processor of this phone is the 1.7 GHz snapdragon S4 processor which is also a major reason for the phone for the smooth functioning of the excellent features present in the phone. Since the processor is strong and can support the best of technology and make the phone function really smooth, this phone will probably be the best phone of the year from Blackberry.


The connectivity is one very strong feature of the blackberry devices. The Z10 which was released earlier was also very powerful and even the Z30 has a great connectivity element. The connectivity of the phone is what will make it the fastest selling phone of the year.

Earlier this year there was news that BBM has now been made available for the android devices as well. Thus, this phone has the android version of BBM which is supposed to be faster and more efficient. This is one feature that everyone has been looking forward to.


Storage is also pretty large in this blackberry device. It has 16 GB of internal memory which is quite sufficient for emailing and for storing all your data as well. Moreover, if needed, you can also extend the phone memory to as much as 64 GB. Blackberry Z30 is thus expected to be the most advanced phone of this year.


The battery life of the phone is also commendable and in fact, one of the strongest features of the phone. You can use the phone all day long for your mailing and other things without any trouble caused by the battery in the phone. The phone sports a 2880 mAh Li-Ion battery which can run easily for up to 10-12 hours when the phone is used continuously.

Other Features

Other features of the Z30 include various sensors like gyro meter, compass, accelerometer and GPS. The phone also supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi N, NFC and USB. The Wi-Fi connectivity of the phone is also very strong and it supports a Hot spot browser so that you can browse the internet faster and it is absolutely secure. The phone is quite little with just 170 gms, which is small when compared to the Smartphones with 5inch screens.

The Blackberry Natural and stereo audio sounds embellish the phone with its immaculate sounds right out of your phone in case you play music or game or any other application. The use of new technology – Natural sound is new to the market that makes the sounds more realistic. The recent technical addition of antenna technology accompanying the Z30 gives you an option for better signal even in areas where the signal is usually weak.

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