Facebook Blocked In Your Office? Here Is The Solution

Facebook, this thing has reduced the productivity of our generation by half.

Unfortunate but true :-)

Using these social networking sites is not killing us but thinking about what’s happening on them with our mates during work is the reason companies have blocked them.

Many companies have blocked Facebook and Twitter in their offices because they want their employees to work not pass their time with their online girlfriend(s).

These employers try their best to block these sites. Most offices have a common Wi


-Fi connection and they are willing to spend some bucks so they block these particular sites using Firewalls like Netgear or Comodo.

Don’t worry whatever method they may use to block these sites, I am there for your rescue.

I understand what you feel when you want to catch up with your friends on Facebook and your company has blocked the site.

That feeling must be so irritating; some of you must have thought about resigning too I think.

Okay! Not resigning but surely you would have cursed your employer.

You know about Proxy Servers right?

Well, a Proxy Server is that application or system in the network which acts as the middleman between the client and hosting server. Suppose you are using a proxy server and you visit a website, your request first goes to the Proxy server and then the proxy server gets the file or the webpage you requested.

In all this case your IP address or your details are not stored by the website you wanted to visit instead the website stores and tracks information of the Proxy Server.

Now how is this equation going to help you connect with your friends on Facebook using your office computer?

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Your Office firewall has blocked all the computers from accessing social networking sites, but it hasn’t blocked your access to the proxy sites.

So In this Tutorial we are going to use one of the best and one of my favorite proxy servers, Hide My Ass.

The first thing you need to do is, visit hidemyass.com

HMA logo

On the homepage you’ll see a URL box where all you need to do is just enter the URL of the site you want to visit.

If you don’t wanna do this again and again, I have a more permanent solution for this thing.There you have it. Now whenever you want to visit Facebook from your Office just go to hidemyass.com, enter the URL and click on “Hide My Ass!”

The other thing which you can do is add the proxy settings on your computer only so you don’t need to do the previous steps again and again.

Now to do that, go to hidemyass.com

On the top navigation bar click on “IP: Port Proxies”

proxies button

You’ll be presented with a list of IP addresses, Ports, the countries where their servers are located, type of protocol and anonymity all sorted.

IP porta

So first thing you need to do is search for a IP which supports the “HTTPS” protocol as it is a must for Facebook like social networks. Also consider the speed and connection time while deciding your IP; you don’t want a slow loading connection, do you?

When you have selected the IP, Open your browser.


Click on Settings

Scroll down and click on advanced

show advanced

Scroll down and search for “Networks”, there you will see “Change Proxy Settings” option.

change proxy settings

The internet properties option will pop up, now if you are using a dial-up connection click on the settings on the dial-up or if you are using a LAN then click on LAN settings.


In the settings window that will pop up tick the use proxy option.

use a proxy

You will be asked to enter an IP address and a Port. Enter the ones you got from Hide My Ass.

Click on OK and you are done for now.

Now if you added the proxy setting to your dial-up connection then when you’ll connect to your network your requests will first pass through the proxy.

Now you are completely done, Good Luck browsing Facebook from your Office. :-)

And if your Boss or any colleague asks you about how you did it, feel free to tell them about me.



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