Samsung Galaxy Round With First Ever Curved Display

Earlier this year, Samsung showcased flexible display at the CES and said that it will soon make it to Samsung mobile phones.

Now they have showcased the first device working on that technology, probably. While the display can be flexible, the applications can be limited because the rest of the hardware is still rigid.

They have showcased the first device using this new display technology called the Galaxy Round. It has got a display that is curved horizontally.

samsung galaxy round

The device won’t be flexible as we said because of the restrictions offered by other components.

This is not the first device to have a curved display. If you remember the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, it had a slightly curved display. But this one has got a flexible AMOLED display. They aren’t exactly looking for good numbers with this device. It is more of a showoff, done the Samsung way.

They have a habit to release devices packing in high end features weather consumers need them or not. This is a good way to judge what the consumers like so that they can focus on those features in the future.

Because they aren’t expecting huge sales of this device, they are releasing this device only in Korea for now. A very good reason is that it is hard to think of the benefits of using a curved display.

They have made software additions to the device in an attempt to find some use for that curved design but there is nothing you can’t have on a normal device. So far the only reason we could think of is that it is something new and we haven’t seen anything like that.

Design/ Display

Obviously the most prominent feature is the huge curve. When you first look at the images, they might look like someone has been using Photoshop on the image of a Note 3.

As we haven’t got hands on the device yet, we can’t really comment much about how deep the curve is and how easy or tough it is going to be to live with that. It will surely appeal to those looking for something with a novelty factor but nothing more than that.

We don’t even know yet if it would be more durable than other devices that have a standard display. If it is, we really appreciate the move. If it isn’t, it is such a waste of resources and just a way to flaunt their technology.

The curved display won’t make any regular job easier. In fact it might add some difficulty to a number of everyday tasks you handle on your phone.

Talking about the technical stuff, it has got a 5.7 inch full HD display. The display like most other Samsung devices is an AMOLED unit so you can expect very well saturated colours and deep blacks.

There is no clear word about the material used to make the display. Some sources state that it is plastic. If it is so, it would make for a really durable device and would survive a lot of abuse easily. If it is made out of glass, it might be even more fragile than the Note 3 or S4.

New features

To justify the new design, they have added a number of new features on this device.

The first thing they have added is the roll effect. When the phone is lying flat and you rock the phone on its axis, it will trigger a glance screen that will give you the date, time, call notifications and battery information.

This feature will work even when the device is in sleep mode. Then there is the Samsung gravity effect. This would show a music focused interface when you rock the device. The phone can turn on music player shortcuts even when the device is in sleep. It will play the next or previous track depending on which side of screen you press. You can have similar control with video playback too.

While these might sound like fresh features that were made possible by the new design, it isn’t so. Even a device with a normal screen and curved back will do all this with the software enhancements.


This device shares its hardware with the Galaxy Note 3. It runs a quad core processor with a maximum clock speed of 2.3 GHz.

It gets 32 GB of internal storage and 3 GB of RAM. The battery is fairly large at 2800mAh. The camera on this device is the same as Note 3 or the Galaxy S4. It is a 13 megapixel camera with autofocus and LED flash. There is a 2 megapixel front camera for video calling.


Well it was really hard to fathom the point of making a device like this.

They have been trying to explain the benefits but we weren’t really convinced. We are still waiting for the device to make it to our shores so that we can grab one and give it a try. This is Samsung’s attempt to show what they are capable of while judging the market for possibilities in the market.

Even if they don’t sell many units of this device, they have showcased what the future holds for us and that they are going all strong with their device. It is very obvious that the features we see in devices like this will slowly make it to our mainstream devices in the near future. As the mainstream devices near their saturation level, manufacturers will keep coming up with innovative devices to keep people hooked.

We are really glad that Samsung took a bold step ahead and made this device. We really can’t wait to try this device and see for ourselves what possibilities it packs with this new design. This new device would surely help Samsung plaster its position as the leader.

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