Online Tools To Download YouTube Videos Without Any Software

youtubeYouTube is one of the largest, or I should say the largest video sharing network which is the ultimate destination of a person wanting to watch videos of any genre.

YouTube is also addictive like any other social networking site on the web; all credit goes to its users who have put up the amazing stuff for us. So thanks guys, cheers :-).

So if you have a habit to watch videos uploaded on YouTube in your free time then you might have come across a video which you want to own, I mean you would have seen any video which you liked a lot and thought of downloading it.

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But How?

In this post I am going to share with you some amazing websites which let you download YouTube videos for free.

Though they are many other ways to download YouTube videos, like using YouTube downloaders, browser plugins or other things.

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But why to install all those softwares and extensions when you can download your favorite YouTube videos directly.

Using online tools is a great way as you just need the URL of the video and without installing anything on your computer you can download the video of your choice.



This is a great resource to download YouTube videos directly without any problems; all you need to do is just follow these steps

Go to

In the URL box paste the URL of the YouTube video you want to download.

After a few moments you will be displayed the download links of the video.

Just click on the download button and your download will start

Kiss YouTube


This is a great way to download YouTube videos; you can download videos using two ways.

Either go to and enter the URL of the video you want to download.

Or copy the URL of the YouTube video; add the word ‘kiss’ before YouTube in the URL.

For example, your YouTube URL is

then to download this video using kiss YouTube add the work ‘kiss’ before YouTube in the URL, it will look something like this

Over to You

These sites which I have discussed above require Java environment to be installed on your computer, or they won’t work.

To Download JAVA Click Here

Which video are you planning to download?

And before I sign off with this post I would also love to warn you that download other’s videos on YouTube is against their policies so better watch them online and use these online tools if and only if you are not able to stop yourself from trying them out.

Till then hope you liked this short post, If you did then don’t forget to share it with your friends and Give your feedback on this post via comments :-)


  1. Laura says

    Thanks for sharing your opinions above… I understand why people fear downloading software but I still like my RealPlayer and have never had any issues. It’s all inclusive which I like; so instead of needing a ton of software it acts as my video player & downloader, editor and video converter all-in-one. And it was free.. pretty hard to beat.

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