Three Facebook Limitations You Are Not Aware Of

So how are you my dear Facebook addicts?

Facebook or should I say the marijuana of our generation is a really great way to connect with new people or the ones we know.

I, me, everyone around you would be aware about it. (Unless you don’t live on Mars 😀 )

Okay, so when you use Facebook normally, you don’t think about limits.

There is no limit to the photos you can upload, or the comments you can do in a day but my dear friends Facebook has some other limitations which most of us don’t know about.

Now that we are talking about Facebook, Connect with me on Facebook

What the heck? Limitations on Facebook

Dude, you are nuts. It’s all unlimited

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That’s what I heard when I first discussed about these limitations with my friends.

Now when you say to your best friend that bro Facebook has put up some limitations and he doesn’t believe you then send the link of this article to him.

I’ll see what he has to say :-)

So now I have told a lot about “Facebook has limitations” now let me jump to, “What are these Limitations”

The “Dude, You can only like 5000 Pages” Limitation

Ok, so you didn’t knew it. Now let me make it clear to you. You can only like 5000 (Five Thousand) pages on Facebook.

If you are a kind of guy who just likes every page he is being invited to then you should be aware of this thing.

A month back one of my blogger friends went crazy about this thing, he asked everyone “why is it that I cannot like a new page until I unlike any existing one?

Then, I came to his rescue.

Though, I didn’t remove the limit (I can’t, My name is Nishant Arora, not Mark Zuckerberg) but I told him about this limitation. So he calmed down (by cursing Facebook and its creators, ofcourse :-D)

The “5000 Group Members” Limitation

Groups are a good thing, better than page if you ask me. In a Group it is more easy for you to stay connected with your followers and you have group chat with all the members and few more things.

But once your group gets popular, means cross the 5000 members mark. Facebook will get jealous of you 😀

Under this limitation, once your group gets more that 5000 members you cannot invite them to a event using the group invitations and you cannot send messages to all those 5000 members together.

It’s fine until you have 4,999.

The ‘Weird’ Limitation

Wondering, Why this subheading?

You’ll get to know, read on.

Facebook has setup some limitations for creators of Facebook page and these limitations are weird, I mean wwwhhhyyy man!

When you create a Facebook Page you are its Creator and Administrator or the Almighty GOD for that page, and you think you have access to all the features of that page.


You need to appoint another administrator for you page, some features cannot be accessed by you as an administrator but the other guy can access them.

Let me clear it out. Assume two people, John and Johnny.

So John creates a Facebook page, He is the creator of the page and hence automatically becomes the Admin of that page.

John decides to have one more admin for his page, Johnny.

Johnny is also the admin of that page which John created.

Now Johnny will get some features which John is unable to access.

This might sound some weird, John is the creator so he should get extra features but unluckily, Johnny gets them.

So what kind of features?

Suppose you create an event on your Fanpage. As the Event creator and the admin of that page you still can’t message your event guests.

For messaging your event guests you would have to add another admin who will get this feature.

You know about the “Favorites” thing in pages, right?

You cannot add your page (the one you created and you administer) to the favorites of any other page, for that you would need to add another admin who will get this feature.

Over to you

How are you feeling?

So you thought there were no limitations of Facebook.

Well the reason you thought it was that you actually never went that deep.

Have you liked 500 pages yet?

Is your group having 5000+ members?

How did you find this post of mine? Do share your views with me via comments.


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