Find Substitutes For Your Medicines Using These Sites

We all want to stay healthy, but no matter how hard we try, whatever we do we would have to take medicines if we fall sick.

Now when you fall sick there are two things you can do to get rid of the sickness quickly, Take your medicines on time and read Inside Tech Tricks regularly for a good state of health in future. 😀 😀

So I was talking about medicines, Now answer my question.

Do you like taking them?

NO, right?

Well, I also don’t like but when I fall sick I have to take them. There is no other choice, either spend the next few days lying like a dead soul or take medicines and get well soon.

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So now let us imagine a scenario, You fell sick.

You went to your doctor.

He prescribed you some medicines.

You went to the chemist.

You asked for the medicines you are prescribed.

And WTF! Those medicines are not available.

Now what will you do?

You can’t stay without medicines, you need to go to work the next day and you have to get well.

You don’t need to do anything, In such cases when prescribed medicines are not available in the medical store the chemist finds out a substitute for that medicine.

He finds out another medicine which contains the same salts in the same amount as the prescribed one.

Here the chemist knows about such medicines, but what if you need to find a substitute for your medicine.

In that case I am there to help you, You won’t be knowing but there are a few drug search engines which find the medicines containing the same salts as your prescribed ones.

Now in this post, I am going to list out those few search engines.

This is said to be the most trusted source for finding medicines with same salts.

To search for medicines, first visit the website

In the search box enter the name of your prescribed medicine and press enter.

Now in the next step you will be taken to the register page and you will need to register on the site for viewing the results.

If you also hate registering for websites like I do then you can also try searching the medicine on google using the “site:” command. This was you can skip the registration. Example:


This is an all in all resource for health related stuff, though filled with ads throughout this site is still very useful

To use this search, visit this page

Scroll down and when you see the “Search for Drugs” box, Enter the name of your prescribed medicine. You can search using the generic name or the brand name of your medicine.

That’s it you will be presented with the results (if it has it in its database).

Honestly, I found this site better than the ones discussed above.

Call it the looks or the database, it is a really good tool.

So, to use it visit

In the search box enter the name of your prescribed medicine and search.

Over to You

So what do you think about these sites?

I would love to listen your views on these services and your reviews will be helpful to others reading this post.

And I love saying these lines again and again, Don’t forget to share it with your friends.


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    Well, currently suffering from severe common cold I think I’ll need those sites which you have mentioned in search of an appropriate medicine.
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    Keep updating such shares…!! :)
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      Its good to hear that my content is proving to be helpful for people 😀

      Thanks for commenting and get well soon Charmie (For that you need to read Inside Tech Tricks whenever any new article comes up)

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