10 New Must-Have Travel Gadgets

Today’s technology unifies modern society; it interconnects people and encourages world-wide mobility. Our gadgets transform everything we do— including how we travel.

Going from one destination to the next has never been faster, more convenient or more enjoyable. And now, it’s time to transform how you travel with any one of these 10 revolutionary travel gadgets:

The CLEARcard

clear card

Traveling by plane has its pros and cons. On the one hand, getting to a destination now takes no time at all— but on the other, there’s that agonizing first part of arriving at the airport and getting in a long airport security line.

Consider the problem solved with the CLEARcard. For $100 a year, plus a $28 TSA vetting fee, you can skip the security line altogether. The added bonus is that the CLEARcard covers children under 18 for free (when accompanying a legal adult).

Simply apply for the card online; go to the enrollment center and provide two forms of ID and submit your biometric data.

Afterwards, going through security can be as easy as walking up to the airport security’s CLEARlane; and handing your CLEARcard and boarding pass to the airport security.

Currently, the CLEARcard works at about 20 major U.S. airports and is expected to grow to many others.

Airport Express

aaple airport express

Airport Express is an ingenious device, created by Apple that provides a personal, portable Wi-Fi network. Just plug an Ethernet cable into the device and wholla— a private Wi-Fi domain will pop up.

Surprisingly, Apple isn’t asking for an arm and a leg for the device, which costs around $99.

D-Link SharePoint Go II Mobile Router

dlink router

The D-Link SharePoint Go II Mobile Router provides Wi-Fi to a variety of devices— regardless of location. You can be in the car or on the plane, it’ll work anywhere you go.

How’s this work? It features an integrated Ethernet port, transforming a wired connection into a Wi-Fi Hotspot. Plug in a 3G/4G USB adapter, and you’ll instantly receive a Wi-Fi connection.

The D-Link SharePoint Go II retails for about $120; not a bad deal to stay connected.

The Powerbag Business Class Pack

powerbag backpack

While on-the-go, there is nothing as annoying as: 1) having a phone or laptop run out of batteries or 2) having to take out and put back electronics while going through airport security.

The Powerbag Business Class Pack solves both problems. It’s a bag that is “Checkpoint Friendly,” meaning nothing has to be removed while going through airport security. At the same time, it charges all of your electronics.

There are many of online retailers who carry the Powerbag Business Class Pack. Prices will vary from site to site, but typically are about $129.00 +/-.

Microsoft Surface

surface microsoft

Let’s be honest, even the best laptop is a pain in the neck to carry on trips. The Microsoft Surface a lighter, more compact solution to any laptop; It’s the perfect laptop/tablet hybrid.

The Surface is as flat as a tablet (0.4” thin), but is as powerful as a laptop.

Be free to prop it up with its integrated kickstand, or type freely with an attachable keyboard.

Additional features include: 32GB on-board memory, expandable to up to 64 GB of extra storage (via a microSD card), Built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 compatible and many additional specs.

Without the keyboard, it’s $350; and with the keyboard, it costs $400.

JayBird – BlueBuds X Bluetooth Earbud Headphones

jaybird earphones

There are regular headphones and then there’s the JayBird BlueBuds X BBX1MB Earbud Headphone. And there’s a big difference. These provide wireless Bluetooth audio and have SignalPlus technology, for smooth playback.

With the JayBird headphones, you are also free to take hand-free calls with compatible mobile devices.

Trakdot Luggage Tracker

luggage tracker

Never worry about where your luggage is again! Track your luggage with the Trakdot Luggage Tracker. It has a GSM chip-quipped monitor, which displays your luggage’s location via a phone app.

There is an annual subscription of $13.00 plus a sign-up fee of $50, which may be completely worth it— depending on the value of your luggage.

Asus R300 Handheld Personal Navigator

asus navigator

The Asus R300 can guide any traveler to all the right spots and best destinations. It’s the size of a cell phone, making it easy to fit in your pocket. A mounting kit makes it usable in a car or bike. Basically, wherever you want to go, the Asus R300 will get you there.

It also has added special specs, including built-in Bluetooth, FM transmitter and an external Micro SD slot for photos, music and videos.

For a little more than $200, the Asus navigator provides a lot to any trip.

Franklin EST7117, 12-language (Speaking) Global Translator


Going abroad is exciting. New countries mean new culture, customs, foods, architecture— and a new language. For those who aren’t the greatest linguists, the Franklin EST7117, 12-Language Global Translator is a great little lifeline.

The translator knows 12 different languages. In each language, the translator knows over 3,000 conversational phrases and 20,000 headwords.

The touch screen face and interactive speaker, (which actually speaks in a recorded human voice) separates this translator from the rest.

List price is starts around $140.

Fitbit – One Wireless Activity and Sleep Tracker

fitbit tracker

Traveling is quite the exercise! If you want to incorporate a healthier lifestyle, or want to be in the know of your daily activities, the Fitbit One wireless activity and sleep tracker is just the ticket.

Measure how many steps you’ve taken; stairs climbed; calories burned and also track your sleep. The Fitbit One is compatible with many Bluetooth 4.0 devices, so you can monitor everything from your phone, tablet or computer.
For $99.99, the Fitbit One is a great tool for healthier living— giving a digital reinforcement to what we already know: there’s always room to push on and do more.

Over To You

Traveling no longer means roughing it. It’s a new age where we can bring the internet wherever we go, say what we want to say, and explore without getting hopelessly lost. When there’s a gadget for everything, might as well use the best during your travels.

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