Defencely- Making a Difference in Security Vulnerability Testing

defencelyWhat do Google, Apple, Zynga and PayPal all have in common?

They’ve all had major security flaws identified by Defencely – one of the fastest-growing cloud security firms in the world.

A relative newcomer to the online world, Defencely has shaken up the traditional roles of security and vulnerability testing to deliver comprehensive security scanning, identification, analysis and patching services to companies large and small.

The Old Way of Vulnerability Testing

Traditionally, vulnerability and penetration testing involved a company running a set of automated scanners which would look for telltale signs of potential or active security breaches and then report these holes to the company’s IT team for fixing.

Penetration testing would ensure that the site was protected against the most common hacking threats.

However, this “lazy man’s way” of security vulnerability scanning is no longer as effective as it once was.

Computers are getting faster and software is getting more convenient.  It’s now playing an active role in our daily lives through mobile phones and tablets.

With this new era comes a prized opportunity for hackers, “script kiddies” and identity thieves to pounce and cripple entire servers, bringing them to their knees and causing the companies involved to go into “damage control” to try and repair the damage.

The New Era of Cloud Security

Defencely does things differently.  While automated scanners do play a role in its operations, it doesn’t rely solely on those results as false-positives can be generated and cost companies millions of dollars fixing a problem that doesn’t really exist.

Instead, Defencely leverages its vast experience in ethical and “white hat” hacking – pinpointing real, active threats that can crush a company’s reputation, goodwill and the foundation of trust that it has spent years – perhaps even decades – building.  This keen expertise and knowledge – something that no program can automate – allows Defencely to proactively monitor and fix problems the moment they occur.

This type of system is particularly effective given the growing methods and strategies of hackers, scammers and thieves.  Common issues such as “0 day exploits” can spread like wildfire through an entire global network, with no antivirus-sanctioned remedy in sight.  Due to their high knowledge of various scripting languages, Defencely can identify these threats and take steps to actively patch them before a solution is released to the web at large.

This is just one of the many reasons why large companies with copious amounts of user data to secure have publicly acknowledged Defencely in their Hall of Fame and “Bug Bounty” programs – an accolade that is typically reserved only for the best of the best.

But Defencely is not content to rest on its laurels.  Even today, the security professionals there are continually monitoring, analyzing and reporting on any new nefarious threats that hackers can cook up.

It’s a never ending process – but Defencely remains vigilant – always watching, always protecting and watching the web for the greater good of netizens and all involved.

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