Best Personal Finance And Banking Apps For iOS And Android

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Even though a number of people are still somewhat hesitant to manage their finances on their phones because of the possible security issues, most platforms and related apps are more than reliable enough for you to not make use of the convenience that some of these apps offer.

Whether you are only interested in managing your own finances, or your work requires you to have access to different financial tools or information banks, these apps can do wonders for you.

Wikinvest Portfolio Manager

This great iOS app makes sure that you always have access to your stock portfolio and that you can easily import all the relevant information and take any action that you may need to take.

Considering the constant shifts in the market and the fact that you always have to stay in the loop, having the ability to check your portfolio wherever you are can come in extremely handy. The app is completely free and very easy to use.

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Check (Pageonce) Money & Bills

This is a great app for people who find it hard to consolidate and organize their bills. The app gives you a chance to easily organize all the bills that you currently have, including everything from travel reward programs to your cell phone and electricity bills.

By having all of them neatly organized, it becomes much easier to see how you are going to have to plan your finances for the ongoing month. The app is availableon most popular platforms, including iOS, Android and BlackBerry, and is completely free.

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This app acts a sort of a financial news feed, giving you access to a host of interesting finance related article that can help you stay informed and learn something new every day.

You can track the news from some of the most reliable and respected sources, create your own lists for convenient categorization, while the iOS version also allows access to podcasts and videos.

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Black Gold

Another app perfectly suited for professional investors than need to keep constant watch on heating oil, natural gas, gold and crude oil prices. You can track the prices of the commodity of your interest in different states and track price changes and fluctuations across different periods.

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If your job requires you to always take receipts wherever you go and if you are sick and tired of constantly losing them or having to keep an eye on them, Expensify is the app for you.

If you link the app to your credit cards, you can easily create an extensive and detailed expense overview by simply snapping photos of your receipts. This can save you a lot of time and hassle, and is particularly handy for people who often travel for their work and are required to constantly keep track of their expenses.

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