Top Five Gadgets that Work Underwater

There are times when you need gadgets that work in different situations, and that’s probably the reason why many people think you should have few useful gadgets that work underwater. These gadgets are useful for those who enjoy water sports and are effective for situations when you are in trouble. For instance, you would have found these gadgets quite useful if you were in New Orleans in August 2005 – the time when 80% of New Orleans was under water.

Here is a list of highly useful gadgets you should buy.


FujiFilm Finepix XP100

fujifilm finepix

FujiFilm Finepix XP100 is one of the finest choices for those who love to take photographs underwater. It works fine up to a depth of ten meters. The impressive thing is that you can submerge this camera completely in water without having to worry about damaging it.

This 10-megapixel camera is also dirt-proof – you can also use it in temperatures less than -10 degrees Celsius.  It is quite sturdy and works well in rainstorms and snowstorms.

Mp3 Player:

FrontGate Scuba Mp3 Player

frontgate squba player

FrontGate Scuba Mp3 Player is another interesting gadget that works just fine underwater. If swimming is your favorite activity and you’re a music lover too, this Mp3 player is just for you.  You will love every minute of swimming with the fish in the sea while listening to your favorite music. In the full package, you find the headphones and the goggles – both of these pieces are water resistant.

The impressive thing is that this pair of headphones has a built-in amplifier and produce great quality music even at depths as low as 200ft.


Casino Marine Ana-Digi 8 Dive Watch

casino watch underwater

Casino Marine Ana-Digi 8 Dive Watch is designed exclusively for men who like to take part in water sports. While it is true that you can now find a variety of diver’s watches, this one will impress you with its extensive range of functions. This is a scratch resistant watch and works perfectly well even at a depth of 100m.

Mobile Phone:

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

galaxy s4 active

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active is one of the finest water resistant phones around. As it is a water resistant phone, it means you cannot put in a bucket of water and let it sit there for hours, it can withstand the depth of 3 feet for around half an hour. The interesting thing is that it comes with a 8-megapixel camera, lower than the 13 megapixel of the standard model but still it can be used as an efficient underwater camera.

It is absolutely fine to pour water on this phone – it will keep working fine even if you expose it to water jets. Another impressive thing about this phone is that unlike other splash-proof electronics, it can keep pressurized water from entering into permeable areas. Moreover, it is a dust resistant phone, which means you can continue with your adventurous activities without having to worry about grime and dirt damaging your phone.


Motorola MT352TPR Giant FRS 2 Way Radio

motorola water proof

Motorola MT352TPR Giant FRS 2 Way Radio is another great choice for the real music buff. If you simply cannot live without music, this one is the right gadget for you. Unlike some other waterproof mp3 players like the one mentioned earlier, you cannot submerge it for a long time, but it still works well in extremely wet conditions.

The battery life is quite impressive and reception is great too. Due to its sturdy casing, it is a must-have gadget if you love spending time in outdoor activities in nasty and wet conditions. You can even expose it to excessive water for a short time, and it will never break down. What’s more, your radio will never stay wet for long – it means the water beads up but doesn’t stay there, as it quickly rolls off.

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