Who Is This John Doe? I Read His Name Everywhere On The Web

If you have been reading blogs or if you often read tutorials and other stuff online then I am sure you must know about John Doe

Don’t you know him?

His name is everywhere on the web, most online publications use his accounts for the tutorials

All sample signatures contain his name

But have you ever wondered like me “who is this John Doe?”

Well, He is an alien who came from space a century ago; he built in all those telephone wires and laid the foundation of Wi-Fi later creating the World Wide Web. So John Doe is an alien

I am not saying it; one of my juniors from my school said it when I asked him about it

Funny, right?

We often see this name written on sample tutorials and some of them consider this name to be the owner of the site

Now you find this name on mostly all sites

So this doesn’t mean that he owns every site on the internet 😀

That’s what I call applying LOGIC 😀

He is not John Doe, he is my friend Nishant Srivastava of HowToByte.com :-D

He is not John Doe, he is my friend Nishant Srivastava of HowToByte.com :-D

Okay! Now jokes apart let us talk about him on a serious note

If I ask you to go and meet this John Doe then I am sorry to say you never can

No matter how hard you try you can not find this John Doe anywhere, though there are many other John Does on this planet but you cannot find that John Doe whose name you read in online and offline publications Ever

C’mon Nishant, Will you please tell me who is this Guy

Yeah, sorry I just flew with the feelings. I am such a bragger, I brag about my knowledge

Yeah so let’s face the Fact

John Doe, doesn’t even Exist in this world

Yeah, that John Doe who is ruling the internet with his name doesn’t even exist in the real world

He is a fictional character, or exactly it is just a fictional name which is used to convey a meaning

Most of us don’t know about the meaning of using this name like we didn’t knew about John Doe’s existence

John Doe is a placeholder name which is used for a person whose name or identity is unknown and must be withheld in a legal action or court. In the United States and other countries like Canada this name is also used for a dead body or a hospital patient whose identity is unknown to the hospital.

In English speaking countries like the United Kingdom another name John Bloggs is used instead.

For my friends with a weak vocabulary, a place holder name is a word that refers to people whose names are unknown in the context which is being discussed

John Doe is the name particularly used for Males; the internet world is dominated by males so it is not surprising that this male name is found everywhere.

When the person to be discussed in a Female (this happens rarely) then we use another name, Jane

The names we use in the female case is Jane Doe or Jane Roe

I think Jane must John’s wife or girlfriend 😀

So did you find this short piece of information useful or interesting?

Did you love reading it?

Or did you know about John Doe before reading this post, (If you already knew why would you read it, so don’t hide anything from me)

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