How To Get Rid Of The Promotions And Social Tabs In Gmail

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Google recently rolled out a new update for Gmail, if you’ve checked your email recently I am sure you would have noticed three tabs at the top

Those tabs are Primary, social and Promotions respectively, they are there to help you sort your inbox and make it less cluttered

But with this update they have actually killed email marketing and all bloggers and email marketers have just gone crazy after this update because now they know that all their email land in the promotions tab

And the emails which will land in the promotions tab will not be noticed by the user and as a result the conversions internet marketers used to get from emails will now decrease by a significant percentage

Derek Halpern of Social Triggers understood how much problems it can create for him so he took some steps to check that his email always land in the primary section of the user’s inbox

He is using Facebook and his email list to send out emails discussing this issue and telling his subscribers how to get rid of those social and promotions tab

He also started using Facebook sponsored post feature for promoting his update about this issue

Now you know how much problem it is creating for internet marketers

And for users also it is a big issue

You don’t want to miss the important updates of your favorite blog, do you?

So in this short post I am going to tell you two short ways to get rid of this Social and Promotions Tab issue in Gmail

First method, Remove the Tabs Feature

Open you inbox

Click on the small plus icon which appears after the promotions tab

plus button

On the menu which appears after clicking simply just un-tick the Social and Promotions option and click on save

tabs closing

There you go; you’ve got rid of these new tabs

Second Method, Filter your Favorites

This method will not actually remove those tabs from your interface but this method will help you in receiving a promotional email in your primary category

This is useful if you have subscribed to a lot of newsletters but some of them really matter to you a lot, so you can select those newsletters which you want in your primary bar regularly

To do this the first thing you need to do is to open the promotions tab in your Gmail

Go the email newsletter which you want in your primary tab, click on it and drag it to the primary tab

Once you drag it you will see a small option menu at the top of your inbox which will inform you that the email has been moved and provide you the options of bringing it back by clicking on undo and it will ask you that whether you want the future message from that email go to your primary tab


Click on yes

And now you will never miss out any update from your favorite Blog

NOTE: If you find this post via your email in your promotions tab then using the above mentioned ways move it to your primary tab or remove the tab feature because I am sure you can’t afford missing the upcoming posts on Inside Tech Tricks, right?

What do you think about this new feature of Gmail?

How much do you think you are affected by it or your friends will be?

Do share your views with me via comments :-)


  1. says

    This new update in Gmail made email marketing half dead. Who are making their lives on affiliate marketing should make their readers aware about this tabs in gmail or else they may face bad days but i really like this update and it is saving lot of valuable time and moreover it is reducing spam as well
    Nice informative article

    • says

      Thanks Amar :-)

      Yeah I agree with you, it is a really great step in reducing the clutter we used to have in our inbox but I am not too affected by it as I mostly check my email from my Phone and there this feature is not yet active

  2. creem says

    How do I get the promotion tabs back?
    I don’t think anyone is facing this problem.
    Yes everything is enabled in the tab settings. When I get new emails I see the promotions tab.
    But after I read them I can’t see the promotion tabs as I want to go back to those email.

    If I disable the promotions tabs in the tab setting the email are shown in the primary tab.
    But I like the promotion tab I want ti.
    Gmail just sucks now.
    I am using 3 gmail account 2 of them in firefox have this problem.
    But 1 account which I keep open in chrome does not have this problem. I can see the promotions tab even if there are no new emails in it.

    • says

      Hi @Creem

      Actually, I have also not faced this problem
      But you can try something else to solve this issue
      Open any promotional email which you’ve received in your primary inbox, head to the labels option and add the label as promotional

      On setting the label as Promotional the email will stay in the promotions category and the bar will stay there without any problem
      But if still it doesn’t work out, It might be the compatibility issue with Firefox as it is working fine with chrome

      Try contacting Firefox support for this issue, they will guide you through this problem

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