How Angad Leaked Exam Question Papers in India and That Too Legally

Isn’t the title to this post interesting, I can see that smile and the curious look on your face my dear reader :-)

Before I dive into today’s meat let me first make one thing clear, we are not discussing anything illegal here so if you have criminal mind in your head which interprets even the right things in a wrong way then please hit the [X] button on your browser

I was just checking today like I usually do and there I came through this awesome contest they were hosting

The contest is called The Idea Caravan and it is sponsored by Franklin Templeton Investments which has partnered with Tedxgateway

Franklin Templeton Investments partnered the TEDxGateway Mumbai in December 2012.

This contest is all about Ideas, we all think about things in our life and how to change them ideas strike us daily

You have to open up a screw, but you don’t have any screw driver that moment an idea strikes you and you think of using the kitchen knife for unscrewing

These small idea strike us in our daily life that sometimes we don’t even understand the complexity of them

But some people have a really unique approach to their surroundings and that’s the reason great and unique ideas strike them and best part is, they don’t just want to keep it to themselves they want to share it like Einstein did, Edison did, Newton did

In this post I am going to discuss about one such Idea guy who just shook off all the fear of my upcoming board exams next year

When I was watching all the videos for this contest I came through the video of Angad Nadkarni

Honestly, I heard this name for the first time but as the video started rolling I just stood up from my chair gave him a grand salute

He is the guy behind Examify

I have heard this name for the first time too, but no regrets. I am glad that I found it

Examify is a web service developed by Angad Nadkarni which focuses on Exams, What this online service does is that it collects all the questions every appeared in the past in a particular examination

The questions pass through a complicated algorithm and then Examify gives you a list of those questions which have the highest probability of appearing in your upcoming examination

It actually leaks a question paper legally, though there is no guarantee that those same questions will appear as they are for your practice and practice makes a man perfect

angad nadkarni

Here is How he Looks like

Angad is a Hacker, I have also been into hacking in my early days, I used to make phishing websites, try out XSS attacks on websites hack Facebook accounts by session stealing and other stuff so I know that The idea behind examify can only strike a hacker

He found out that there are patterns in these papers as there are patterns in other things like hacking he mentioned

He thought about cracking those patterns,

I don’t know why it didn’t strike me 😀

But no regrets, This Idea as I said shook off half of the fear of exams from my head because Now I know what can come in my exams and what do I need to study

Apart from all the jokes and Inspiration we are having, let us discuss something on a serious note

The reason Examify was born was that students don’t know what to study and where to start, Angad found an effective solution but still there are those creatures in the society who promote the concept of Coaching classes, tuitions. This is not anything simple it is a whole industry with lots of capital and people around it trapped in this industry

The only way we get rid of this industry is the same way we Indians threw out the east India Company in 1947, Unity. I know not everyone of us can build things like Examify but we can start using it and avoid getting trapped in this industry

I am taking my step forward, while I was writing this article I sent an invite to Examify, I joined it and now it’s your turn

Why Am I sharing it?

I know, I care about and I love my country, I am a student and I know how it feels to be one

That pressure of tuition classes, school, family and that desire of having fun alongside these things is a story of every Indian student

This industry is focusing mainly on the theory, the bookish knowledge which is near to useless years later

They have forgotten that

The true purpose of Education is to replace an Empty mind with an Open one

Dude Angad, Salute Man!

Now here is the video (link) for you people, I don’t want you to miss out the inspiration

After watching this video I also felt inspired, I also started thinking about problems

Because you know what, some people have rightly said

It’s not about making money for me or it is for Angad but it is about making a change as my role model Steve Jobs said

We are here to make a dent in the universe, otherwise why even be here?

Isn’t it?

What are your views on Examify, Angad’s Idea or the Coaching Classes Industry which is a corruption of its own kind in the education sector

So share your thoughts with me via comments and share this post as much as you can


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