and the Scenario of Cloud Security Today

The cloud, an invisible collection of data, files and content that can be accessed from anywhere.

So seamless,

So convenient,

So easy to target for security exploitation,

Today’s hackers aren’t a bunch of Cheeto-stained neck-beards dwelling in their mother’s basements. (Like the one in the image below 😀 )

a scene from die hard

a scene from die hard 4

They don’t just hack for the thrill of it.

Today’s hackers are smart, opportunistic rogues who pride themselves on being able to digitally cart out loads of private, lucrative data – and then sell that information on the black market to identity thieves and scammers.

When faced with this new threat, it’s easy to see how the cloud is every hacker’s dream come true.

Reams of personal data, mission-critical files, usernames, passwords and server infrastructure data all ripe for the picking. It’s not a question of how they’ll get in – but when…and how will we know about it?

Cloud Security Today

Cloud security companies are few and far between simply because there’s no set standard on how exactly to “monitor” the cloud for threats.  Defencely, one of the few cloud security companies, was created with a unique plan of action.

Rather than just monitoring and reporting threats as traditional security scanning companies do, Defencely resides in the cloud 24/7, working tirelessly to watch for, identify and attack threats head-on, while creating strong, reliable patches to prevent mass-dissemination of confidential customer data.

But Defencely isn’t content to just draw a digital line in the sand and dare others to cross it.


They back up their service with a unique guarantee that no other company has yet to compare to (and no customer has thankfully had to take advantage of!)

If they fail to resolve your company’s security vulnerability or detect an exploit – they’ll pay for your cloud security monitoring service for a full year.  Most vulnerability testing companies are reluctant to make a guarantee like that – simply because they believe that no one can catch all the threats, all the time.

But much like Defencely motto, “Unbreakable”, the company itself relies on the expertise, knowledge and experience of a legion of ethical, honest, “white hat” hackers who are working for the good of the web.  You can think of them as virtual superheroes, fighting waves of cunning crimes committed by dangerous villains who are obsessed with mining and collecting confidential data.

Benefits of Cloud Security Scanning

Beyond actively scanning, reporting and fixing vulnerabilities as they happen, cloud security scanning also has a number of other benefits.

For example, since there’s no software or hardware to deploy, one can have a cloud security company working for them in just a few clicks.

In addition, there’s no need to worry about false-positives when scanning.  Defencely only reports real-life, active threats that are proven to exist in the system – keeping you informed at all times, and confident that your valuable company data is protected and secure – no matter where you choose to access it from.

For any business owner, small or big Defencely is a company they must try out.

For the start just go to their website, add your site address in the box on the homepage and click on “Try For Free” and that’s all your site will be analyzed by the Defencely team and you will be emailed a complete security report about how safe your site is

I guess by now you know how important security is for your online presence and why you should look for a company like the one I talked about, Defencely.

The Decision is yours, Your Security or Just a few bucks

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