Best Free Blog Sites- Create Your Own Blog For Free

A Blog (a.k.a. Weblog) is like an online daily book for a person, a personal diary or something like that.

You can share your thoughts, your knowledge and anything else you want on your blog and let the whole world see it or just a few selected ones

Blogging has become a really popular phenomenon among fresh grads, students and even middle aged uncles and aunties

People are really very impressed by this concept of creating a blog and having fun by sharing their daily life with the world or just sharing the knowledge they have.

The things which come with having a blog are FAME and MONEY

In blogging you present your thoughts and knowledge or I should say you present yourself before the world and people get to know you and if you are able to attract a lot of readership then I can write that down for you that you will soon be really popular in the online world

The other benefit of having a blog is that when you have a lot of traffic, a lot of people are visiting your blog then you can monetize it by either selling products, selling ad spaces or partnering with an Ad network like Google Adsense or

I was just briefing you about blogging, now let us discuss some really cool platforms where you can create your own blog for free

Here is the ultimate list of the best platforms where you can create and run your own blog for free

Best Free Blog Sites….Here is the list

Please Note, it is not like the one on the first position is the best one. The choice is yours. some might be comfortable with one while others will hate it. So I recommend try out every one of them (all are free) and stick to the one which you find most interesting.



It is my personal favorite and whenever anyone asks me about creating a blog for free I recommend them to go with blogger, it is really a very nice platform and the best one to start with.

It has a simple interface and is suitable for a newbie who wants the pride of having his own blog.

You can create your blog on the blogspot subdomain, it will be like and afterwards if you want to be more professional then you can buy a domain name and then associate it with your blogger blog

And you know what, the blog which you are reading now was started on blogger in July 2012 and later it was moved to self-hosted WordPress


It is the commercial version of wordpress which allows people to create their own wordpress blog for free under the wordpress subdomain. Your blog will be like

It is also one of my favorites because it is a product of Automattic, the company which made the other version of wordpress (the where Inside Tech Tricks is working on now.



it is called to be the closest competitor to the above two, Launched in October 2003 and owned by a company called Six Apart Ltd.

According to the company it built of the non-technical users. It supports features such as multi author support, photo albums, mobile blogging

All in all it is worth a try if you have some time



It was founded by David Karp and was recently bought by Yahoo for a few billion dollars, it allows you create your own blog under the tumblr subdomain (

It has simple and effective interface for blogging, the dashboard is not at all cluttered. You can follow your favorite blogs and people.



This simple and elegant looking platform is a really good alternative to other free platforms because of its collection of some awesome looking themes and the simple to use designer using which you can customize the look and feel of your blog very easily

It allows you to create your blog under the subdomain, your blog address will be

Live Journal


It is more a virtual community of users who own a blog, it was created with the aim of allowing internet users to own an online journal or a diary.

Its features are very same as other blogging platforms but the thing that makes it stand out of the crowd is the community and its social features which make it a social networking site cum a blogging platform


It is same as other blogging platforms, it allows you to create a blog under the subdomain, your blog address will look like

It is free and offers unlimited bandwidth for users, also has a paid membership programs which increase the features once you upgrade.


It was started in 2005 with the main of letting students and teachers interact with each other through blogging

Students and teachers can create a blog interact with each other participate in a fun and learning environment.

They take inappropriate content very seriously and you can’t monetize your blog hosted on edublogs.

That was my list of the best free blog sites, though there are many other on the web but the best remains the best isn’t it?

Which one do you like the most and why?

What do you think about this post and were your experiences in blogging if you have a blog on any of these sites


  1. says is the best out of all free blog creating services. But to get some freedom on we have to pay for every single feature.Thanks for sharing your thoughts with all of us. keep writing

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