Facebook Launches Videos On Instagram


I am sure you know about Instagram, that photo sharing application owned by Facebook

Intagram has 130 million users who regularly share their daily life via images

Those 130 million people share their life events as it happens, in real time

There have been rumors on the internet that Facebook is going to come up with a new big idea on June 20 some said it is a RSS reader but no one thought that they are going to change the whole concept of Instagram’

Yeah, they have changed the whole concept of Instagram, we were using it to share our photographs with our friends and now they have extended the limits to videos

Here are the changes they have made to instagram today

Create and upload 15 seconds videos

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One of the three pillars on which instagram is based is speed, Facebook wants to keep the speed factor in mind in its product and videos are not made in a few bytes, they reach megabytes

So what the instagram team did was that they limited the size of videos to only 15 seconds and that I think is a really nice step to manage the speed with the video recording feature

Now, not everyone feels that he can express any event within 15 seconds, some are longer

So now with the new instagram you can create multiple videos of 15 second duration each and they compile all those videos together to form one whole long clip

There is also the flexibility to cut the useless parts of the video you are shooting so that your friends see the stuff which you want to show them keeping all the crap aside

There are 13 filters you can apply to your videos

Like in images in vides also they have enabled 13 filters to make your videos interesting

Like adding filters in images make them look good and artistic, Adding different effects to videos make them interesting, fun and artistic

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Choose a cover frame

Like there is the feature in YouTube which allows you to choose a thumbnail for your video similarly in the new instagram you can select a still image shot from the video and use that as the thumbnail

This thumbnail feature is useful as your friends can know what the video is about without playing the whole video

If you have uploaded a video of your football match and you have selected the thumbnail of a shot of soccer ball then when your friend sees it on his new feed he will get to know that the video you have uploaded is about football and he can decide he wants to see it or not which as a result saves his time

The videos also show up on your profile like photos, there is no big change in the way your profile looks

Create professional videos using Cinema

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This is the best thing which I liked among those major changes they made,

What’s the use of those videos if we are not able to view them clearly?

I mean will your friends like the videos if they are not clear?

No, right

The Facebook guys also thought the same way and they got experts from all over the world to solve this issue

They came up with a new feature named Cinema

What cinema basically is?

Cinema is a video stabilizer inbuilt in instagram which adds that professional feel in your video making it clear.

Most of the times it happens that the videos we shoot using our cell phone camera or the normal handycam do not come up so clear, they are not so stabilized because of the shaking of our hands

Nokia used the floating lens technology to solve this issue in the lumia and Facebook played with the software to help people create quality videos

The new updates are available on Android, iOS and the web version of Instagram

So make sure you check them out?

And do let me know what you think about this update via comments?

And don’t forget to share it with your friends on Facebook, Google plus and twitter, the instagram ones will know about these updates the next time they login to their instagram profile

Image Credit: James Martin from CNET


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