Costs of Losing Your Phone: Why Cell Phone Insurance May Make Sense

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In a turnaround from their previous position that cell phone insurance wasn’t worth the price, The Guardian has now determined that with the high cost of replacing iPhones and other smartphones, the cost of down time, and lost data, insurance is a reasonable investment to protect your cell phone.

In this post we are going to discuss the reasons, why cell phone insurance is necessary in today’s world and some tips and basic knowledge about cell phone insurance.

But, cell phone insurance facility is not available in every country, Only countries with high standards of living have such companies

no problem, let us continue with this post

Personal Use

Today, we do not use our mobile phones simply for calls. We use our smartphones for a variety of tasks like email, social networks, maps, games, work documents, calendars, and diaries. If we lose or break a handset, most of us would be completely lost without our data easily accessible.

Business Use

Business use of smartphones has also dramatically increased and the data we may have on our phones can lead to some serious business liability issues if the data falls into the wrong hands.

The Great Disconnect

Apart from the inconvenience of losing information there is the problem of being unconnected for a period of days or even months if you have to save the money to buy a new phone. We live in a world now where the expectation is that everyone is carrying their own phone. Just try to find a pay phone.

It is almost impossible. There are a few left but not many. We live in a world where the need to be connected has increased exponentially on both a personal and certainly on a business level. Insurance may not solve all of your problems when you lose a phone but it can make certain you receive a new phone within a day or two so that you can get re-connected as quickly as possible.

What Cell Phone Insurance Covers

The purpose of buying cell phone insurance is to protect against the things that can go wrong that are not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. While the phone warranty covers you for mechanical breakdowns and failures, it provides no coverage for the most common occurrences, like accidentally damaging your device.

Most cell phone insurance policies usually cover the following situations but you need to verify all coverage in your specific policy by reading, or asking the insurance agent. It is best to thoroughly understand the coverage you are going to pay for before you sign any binding documents.

– Accidental damage including drops, cracks, liquid spills, liquid submersion, any damage caused by accident.
– Mechanical and electronic failures, if your manufacturer’s warranty has expired and the failure would have been covered under this warranty.
– Loss or theft of your phone.

Other Tips to Consider

Most insurance providers will either repair or replace the phone. Generally, you will receive a refurbished phone, not a new phone. Be aware that there are various reports of customers receiving malfunctioning secondhand phones.

Some insurers may offer you a cash payment for the replacement value of your device instead.

– You will not be covered for any pre-existing problems that are solely related to software or data.  Damage caused intentionally or through recklessness, acts of nature, routine wear and tear, or if the equipment appears to have been dismantled or repaired without authorization are not covered under these policies.

– If you take out insurance through your carrier, it is generally billed to you monthly along with your regular phone bill. This makes it easy to remember and pay.

– Before you buy additional cell phone insurance, it is wise to check that you don’t already have existing coverage elsewhere. It is possible that your renter’s or homeowner’s insurance may cover your phone already. If so, you do not need any additional protection.

The tide is turning in favor of carrying additional cell phone insurance. Don’t leave your device unprotected. The extra cost can prove a cheap investment if you ever do lose or damage your phone.

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