Identify Right and Left Earpiece Even With Closed Eyes, The Old School Way [Quicktip]

So doesn’t the title awakens your curiosity and makes you say, How can I do that? it sounds fun

Yeah! I agree with you, it sounds fun

if you love listening songs like I do and you still have those wired earphone today when every music addict is using a wireless headset then I guess you often get confused between the right and the left earpiece

Well now a days companies already mention a R and L on each earpiece to help you identify the right and left one easily

the tip i am going to share today in this post will help you identify the right and left one without even looking at your earphone

but first let me answer one more question which I am sure must be going on your mind

How does it matter? Will I get deaf if put the right earpiece in my left ear?

No, you won’t get deaf (who said you would)

The reason professionals recommend using the assigned earpiece with the correct ear is because they are made such a way that you get the best audio experience

Though you will find some explanations to this question in the cultural sense, like this one

In visual art , motion from left to right is considered normal, and when objects enter from the right side (of the canvas or movie screen) and move to the left, that’s regarded as more visually disruptive.

So a calm painting would have a lot of horizontal lines that gently move the eye to the right (and then there is usually something that stops the eye from moving right off the canvas.)

It corresponds to the direction we read in Western society.

But the actual reason is the audio quality, it is some science related to travelling of sound and the human brain

I don’t want to dive deeper into this stuff, I don’t have biology in my subject list at my school

So go on and try it out yourself,

try switching the earpieces and listen to a song

Now again put the earpiece to the assigned ear and listen to the same song

If you listen it carefully you’ll notice that when you were listening the song from the designated earpiece you were getting good quality sound and when the earpieces were switched the sound you must be hearing would be somewhat fainting

The difference can’t be experienced easily I guess but you need to accept the fact that there is difference in the sound quality

so now comes the tip I wanted to tell you

what you need to do is

Tie a small knot on the wire of any one earpiece

this might sound simple and stupid but it prevents you from looking again to the sides of your earpiece and identifying which is the correct one

earpiece knot 1

Hope you find it interesting, Logical, useful and old school 😀

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