Facebook Rolls Out Hashtags Like Twitter and Google Plus

facebook hashtagsIt’s been a long time and I haven’t talked about latest updates from the internet world, but today Facebook has announced one more feature to rock our social lives

This feature is not a unique one,

They are going to roll out Hashtags

Yup! You read it right

Recently in the Google I/O event Google rolled out hashtags for Google plus

And hashtags in twitter are not a new thing

This is an officially confirmed news by Facebook
check out the official release here

People are saying that they are trying to be more like twitter but according to me they have no competition with twitter because both Facebook and twitter are two different networks and competition is between is between two same things

Facebook’s biggest competitor is the search engine giant’s social network, the Google plus

Google plus had hashtags now how could Facebook stop themselves from having them 😀

What’s the use of this thing?

We are so attached with our cell phones and these social networking sites that they are always with us no matter what we are doing and we love to our life with our friends

Sometimes there is an even going on and you are talking about that with your friends, now what these hashtags do is they make this discovery simple

You make a post with the hashtag let’s say


Now this is a small tag given to your post, if anyone wants search that what are people talking about regarding this topic he will search this hashtag and all the posts with that hashtag will be there before him or clicking on that hashtag will take him to all the posts which have the same hashtag

This is what Facebook said about it

introducing hashtags

That’s all with this update, but there is still one confusion in your mind I guess


Yeah, it is a big concern and don’t worry Facebook will have a feature to give private or public or other attributed to your post so that only people you want can discover your post

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