How To Check If a Blogger is Showing Fake Feedburner FeedCount

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Do you remember that post I made last year on getting more feedburner subscribers?

If you don’t here is the link, check it out before you read this post

Get More Feedburner Subscribers With This Little Trick

In this article we are going to use the same trick which we used in the above linked article, so make sure you read it first before you proceed to this one

In that tutorial I gave you a simple tip to get more feedburner subscribers; I told you how to show fake feedburner feedcounts to encourage more subscriptions

This is a nice trick for bloggers to get more subscribers by fooling their readers but none of you want to be fooled by a blogger

That’s the reason I don’t use that trick on Inside Tech Tricks, I want to be honest to all my readers and being honest is the only way I can win your trust. Right?

Now if you have a suspicion on a blogger that he is showing fake RSS feed count on his blog and you want to reveal his trick to the world then what could you do?

How can you know that the feedcount he is showing is original or not?

There are two ways you can differentiate between fake and original feed count

Method No. 1

The first way is simple; it just needs some logical thinking

A blogger cannot achieve thousands of subscribers in a month or a year, unless he already owns a super popular blog and he is advertising his blog (which most of them don’t do)

The first thing you need to look at is the blog, look at the blog’s design, is he using a professional looking theme, check out the about page, check out his social media profiles and after analyzing ask yourself one question

Can he have 100k subscribers?

If you don’t think he can, then there are high chances that he is showing you a fake feedcount

One of my friends wrote a similar kind of post on identifying fake giveaways, check it out here

You can also confirm you verdict by using the below method which accurately shows you the number of feedburner subscribers a blog has

Method No. 2

This is the method for which I asked you to read that post

If you have read it let us continue

The first thing you need to do is go a RSS search engine to find out the actual feedburner URL of that blog

You can use the RSS search engine, that’s the best and simple one which I could find

Now in the search bar copy the following code

Replace with the URL of the site whose feed count you want to check

Here I am going to search the feed count of my blog

In the results page it will show you the original feed URL of that blog

feedcount itt

Click on the RSS feed URL and it will redirect you to the feeds page,

Here I am using feedburner so my feed URL will redirect to my feedburner feeds page and if the person is not using feedburner then this will not work

In the feeds page look at the URL bar

It would be something like

Here in this case it is

feedburner username


note down the feedburner username of that blog somewhere, we are going to need it later

Now comes checking it

Copy the below code in notepad

Inside Tech Tricks Rocks!!!
&lt;p&gt;&lt;a href=""&gt;&lt;img src="<strong><span style="text-decoration: underline;">feedburnerusername</span></strong>?bg=000000&amp;amp;fg=c0c0c0&amp;amp;anim=0" height="26" width="88" style="border:0" alt="" /&gt;&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p&gt;

Replace feedburnerusername with the original feedburner username of the blog you are checking

Save this file as anyname.html (you need to save it in the HTML extension)

Make sure you are still connected to the internet and open this file in any web browser

You will see a small feedburner feedcount chicklet appearing in the corner of the page, that chicklet would be showing the original feedcount of the blog you want to check

original feedcount

Now you may check whether that blogger is showing you the original feedcount or not

You may try it with any blog using the same method, if you want to know the feedcount of my blog then here it is

It is the original one, you may check if you don’t believe me

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Who knows maybe your favorite blogger is fooling you by showing you a fake feedcount?

Do share your views with me via comments 😀


  1. says

    I dont think still people get fooled of fake rss accounts,Nowadays fake Facebook likes and Twitter followers are the trend..Fiver heynaaa :)

  2. says

    I actually, used this trick in during a particular time. Haha, but i don’t think it is completely wrong to do it, readers don’t have any negative impact by showing fake count, it encourages them to subscribe.

    • says

      Hi Gautham, it’s nice to see your comment here

      What you want to say is, a salesman comes to your doorstep, tells you about a product and tries to convince you to buy a product. In that convincing he shows you some fake reports of people who are already using it so that you buy it. after the conversation with the salesman you buy that product, after sometime the product stops working.

      Won’t you feel cheated ?

      and that’s just a small example, Don’t you think transparency between the readers and the blogger is important for a healthy relationship, and I believe in it

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