Giveaway- 9 “.com” Domain Names and One Premium WordPress Theme, Winners Announced

giveaway1Hi Guys!

Hope you all are doing well

Its Summer season everyone is feeling lazy in this hot weather so I with my friends had an idea to make this summer hotter by giving away 10 super hot prizes

This is the second giveaway on Inside Tech Tricks, the first received a decent response so this time we thought of giving away something big and beautiful

If you are into this online world, I guess you know the importance of having your own brand name, your own domain name

You know about the world’s largest domain registrar, right?

We will register the domain names via Godaddy and the domains will be transferred to the 9 winners of this giveaway

Unlike other domain giveaways where bloggers registered domain names of their choice and the winners didn’t have the freedom to choose the domain according to their choice

But here at Inside Tech Tricks, you know how much I care for you guys. So, I with all the sponsors have decided to first decide the winners of the giveaway and then we will register the domain names according to their choice, after registering the domains will be transferred to the winners godaddy account

The reason we are using godaddy to register domain names is it is the most popular registrar with a lot of features and quality support (Now you know how much I care for you people)

Also with the 9 .com domain names we are giving away a premium wordpress theme to bloggers

The theme we are giving away is the Pinstagram theme developed by MyThemeShop

here is the screenshot of the theme and you can check out the demo


above I talked about the sponsors right, Yeah here are people who have helped me to setup this awesome giveaway

First of all

Giveaway Bloggers– Sponsoring 3 Domain Names

giveaway bloggers

Cyber Sectors– Sponsoring 3 Domain Names

cyber sectors

TechnoTactics– Sponsoring the WordPress theme


Inside Tech Tricks– Sponsoring 3 Domain names


Don’t forget to thank the sponsors

So, I want to participate but how?

Simple, here I have got the punchtab widget which will make the steps easier for you, just do what the widget asks you for (just a few shares)

and Keep promoting this giveaway using your referral link to gain more entries, the more points you earn the more are your chances to be one of those lucky 10 people

and please note, If the chosen winner does not reply within 2 days we will choose another winner and cancel the previous one’s participation, So make sure you check your email on 30 June when we announce the winners

till then, stay productive and keep sharing

Winners Announced

Sorry for getting late with the winners, but its better to be late than never

This time we have played something with our management system

We have given 3 domains to each sponsor as they sponsoring those 3 domains

I will register three domains for the winners, Cybersector will go for three and Giveaway Bloggers will go the other three and the theme will be managed by Technotactics

So here are those lucky souls who have won this giveaway on Inside Tech Tricks

Sponsor Incharge- Inside Tech Tricks

  1. Namrata Gor– Domain Name
  2. Arnob Mukherjee– Domain Name
  3. Aqib Shahzad– Domain Name

Sponsor Incharge- Cybersectors

  1. Asim Ali– Domain Name
  2. Sai Kumar– Domain Name
  3. Srikanth Sri– Domain Name

Sponsor Incharge- Giveaway Bloggers

  1. Vishwas Aithal– Domain Name
  2. Pradeep Dagar– Domain Name
  3. Sahil Cool– Domain Name

And the theme is won by Sriram

Everyone has Received their prizes Now

Thanks for participating, and for those who haven’t won this giveaway

We are going to come up with one more giveaway in the next few months and the next time it is going to be big,



  1. says

    Hi ,
    well Thanks for the Great Giveaway !! I am the 1st to comment hahaha :) I’ll be more happy if in the winner’s list. Participated I’m in :) Hope to win this :) :)

  2. says

    i will renew the registration of my domain as the period of the domain is going to expire soon. nice giveaway thanks for the offer…

  3. says

    Interesting but i have an another deal for you.
    If you give a .com domain for 1 year.. i’ll sell some unique article to your website…. Contact if you interested contact me : (also a freelancer :) )

  4. says

    This is a good giveaway for newbie blogger like me because it will create a valuable name for my blog. Thanks once again for the giveaway

  5. says

    Hi Nishant ,
    Awesome Giveaway !! 😀
    Nishant Just a thought I need a domain name 😛 and If i won Theme then can I change it with others? 😉
    Let me win a domain name only lolz 😀 #kidding
    All the vest to all and Hope to Win a Domain 😀

    • says


      You only need to comment once and that’s enough

      And you are one of the winners or not you’ll get to know on 3oth, our system will select 10 winners randomly so keep on sharing and pray to god that you are also on the winner’s list

  6. asim says

    Thanks for this giveaway (much needed for me) . I will get the maximum entries by sharing it alot too much so that I will not be loosing this great giveaway. Thanks

  7. says

    Registered for the giveaway. I would like to register if won. Visit the url & heart attack for the hosts. lol!! Just kidding!! I just need to register!!

  8. asim says

    I cant just stop me to comment here after seeing that I have got 170+ entries uptil now out of 1k entries. I am very much hopeful and confident that I will win this giveaway. Thanks Nishant for arranging this cool giveway. I will be sharing it in 100 facebook groups because I dont want to loose this giveaway.

  9. says

    I am so much excited about this giveaway and I am sure that uptil now I have most entries as I have earned 200+ entries (feeling happy), Waiting for the results. Hope to get it . working hard to grab this giveaway. Thanks Nishant

  10. says

    hy dude awsome giveaway man :)
    finished alll the entries n im about share this give away every where
    i badly need to win this :)
    hoping to win this :)

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