How To Make Your Status Update Go Viral On Facebook [Case Study]

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I am sure you are on Facebook, and you love sharing funny, romantic or some naughty status updates but our approach normally remains limited, a few people read it, like it, comment on it and a very few share it.

Before I tell you the master’s tips to make your status update go viral let us connect on Facebook, I love my readers and by the end of the article if you feel that this article is interesting then return to this line and click here to add me on Facebook

Before I share the toppings let me clear out the master ingredient in making your status update go viral on Facebook

So the mater ingredient is


Yeah! You got me right; the most important thing is to get your update noticed

Billions of updates are shared on Facebook every day and if you want to make your one go viral then the first thing you need to do is to get it noticed by people

Don’t just make it yet another status update

Creating some value is also important, I mean if the thing you are posting is not important and does not mean anything to the people then there is no chance that it can go viral

So the first thing you need to learn is to create value in the content you share

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That is the first thing you need to keep in mind, and the points I am going to discuss below are going to help you get that attention because once people notice you and they find that he content you have shared is useful and interesting they are surely going to share it

And one last thing before we start, the tips I am going to discuss below are not for rockstars or mr. and Ms. Popular because the case with these guys is different, even if they share a status that their dog just got a fracture, the status will get hundreds of likes and a lot of sympathy.

So, Now I guess I made you wait long enough for the actual meat because of which you thought of reading this post

Here are the points which I am going to discuss in this post

  1. Facebook Edgerank
  2. Only text is often ignored
  3. Scare them, surprise them
  4. Tag a person, the more the better
  5. Make it the correct time
  6. Be a girl

so let’s discuss them one by one

Understand Facebook’s Edgerank


Like Google ranks websites in its search results and shows you the most relevant one on the top similarly, Facebook also has its own ranking algorithm called Edgerank which ranks our updates on the basis of many factors like

Relation with the person


Time Decay

let me explain you each of these points

If you login to your facebook account in the morning (the first time in the day) the top updates in your news feed will be from the people who really matter to you, the people with whom you recently contacted or the one with whom you have interacted the most or your relatives

So in order to get your updates on the top start interacting with more and more people and spend more time on facebook

the number of likes, comments and shares for an update are also considered when deciding this rank, the posts with more interaction on them are to be ranked higher in the news feed compared to the posts with less interaction

you can improve your position by starting a discussion in the comments which will attract more likes and comments in the future

Time decay, the importance of your update decreases with time so it is necessary that you post your update at a time when most people notice it because if people notice it they will share it and make it go viral on facebook.

I am going to discuss the right time to post on social networks later in this post so keep reading

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Only text is often ignored

At this moment if you go to Facebook and check out the page of any big blog or brand around 80% of them post their most important updates with a picture, right?

I may be wrong, go on and check it

I was just saying, believe me

Answer my question and you will know why I think pictures get noticed better

How much space (area) can a status update cover on your news feed and how much space can a picture with the text cover

Check out this image

benefts of adding an image

I hope you got my point by now

Larger things get noticed easily, check it out yourself

Go on and have a look at your news feed with text updates and updates with images

Your eyes will first go to the image, right?

Try it, don’t trust me on this

Yeah! Now please don’t say that, I know I am right, I am always right:-D

And one more thing under this subhead

Have you heard the following quote

Images say a thousand words

Now let us just suppose that your update is just of 20 words (actually statuses go more than that), you are actually expressing your thoughts in those few words if you add just text

Now if you add an image with those 20 words you are actually expressing in 1020 (one thousand twenty) words


Simple, images say a thousand and you wrote twenty

1000 + 20 = 1,020

And if your mathematics is good then you know that

1020 > 20

So you can express more if you do it with an image and your update will get noticed more, so chances are it will go viral

Those big brands do it, I suggest you to try it so give it a thought and try it out

If you do it right, you’ll surely see the graph growing, best of luck

Scare Them, Surprise them

Want to get some good interaction on Facebook? Trust me this this always works

Have you seen top blogging tips bloggers writing posts like

Why you will not be a successful blogger


You are not doing it right

They don’t write these posts to demotivate others, it is just that they want their readers to click on the title of the post and read it

Now if they just make it simple, why would you open it

That feeling of curiosity and that fear in the mind of people attracts a lot of traffic to these types of posts

That’s what you need to do in order to get your update noticed

If I read a controversial, scary or surprising post then it is sure that I will read it and chances are if I am really impressed I will like it, comment on it and share it

But when you try out this tip please make sure that you don’t hurt anyone or create a huge controversy because it can get you into a problem which I am sure you will hate

Everyone has fear within, go on identify the biggest fear in your fans and try using that fear in making your post popular, but be in your limits

Best of luck!

Tag a person, the more the better

Don’t just do it blindly

People just tag everyone in their friend list to get more comments and likes.

You also did that sometime in your life, right?

Most of the time this thing is considered as spamming and mature people, professionals and most of your friends don’t like spamming

Tagging is a wonderful tool, you should use it

But use it effectively and don’t irritate anyone

The best benefit of tagging someone in your update:

You know that Facebook often shows the updates of your friends too

(Please read the below lines more than one time because they might confuse you)

Let us consider three people, let’s say person A, person B and person C

Person A and person B are friends

Person B and person C are friends

But person A and C are not friends

Using tagging, person A can reach person C too, here’s how

If person A tags person B in a status update then Facebook’s algorithm (I have discussed it above) will show this notification in person C’s news feed

Here is an example (how I tried it)


I tagged one of my blogger friends Karan Paul in my update so that I could target people who are not in my friend list but are following him as a result I got more exposure for my post

This is what you need to do to get your post noticed on Facebook, and once it is noticed by people and they like it there are chances of it going viral on Facebook

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Make it the correct time

You guys must have heard that saying, everything must be done on its own proper time

There is a proper time to do many things, now don’t just shout on me when I say that there is a proper time to post a status update to reach more people

I think by now I have written a lot of text, so here I want to share an infographic to help you better understand this time concept (though it has tips for other networks but you can focus on facebook)

Courtesy of: Social Caffeine

Be a girl, it always works

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Hey, doesn’t this sub head surprise you and make you think, HOW?

Okay! Now I realize that I might be criticized for this point but you accept it or not

This is how it works in this world,

This is the truth and no one should be ashamed of sharing it because this is what our society is like

Go on and check it out, the number of friend requests a guy gets is only one tenth of the friend requests received by a girl (though, she might reject most of them)

So if you ask your girlfriend or friend to share you update on her profile I am sure she would be able to attain more interaction on that post and you will just be lying there with 3 or 4 likes

Hey I was just focusing on boys,

If you are a girl then you don’t need to do it because you might be already getting that attention and if you are not getting so try changing your profile pic with a sexy one, just kidding!

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Hope you like my first case study, if you do then consider sharing it and help me make it go viral on Facebook

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