Rumored iPhone 6 Leaked Images

Apple launched iPhone 5 in the later half of 2012 after the release of that phone sales of apple in India have reached heights, I guess you knew that

Now, we know how apple launches its phones

First comes a model and then after some months maybe an year comes up a phone with the same name just an ā€œSā€ associated with it

There are rumors among geeks that Apple is going to start the prebooking of its Iphone 5s which is said to be the last iphone developed under the guidance of Steve Jobs

A few months back some guys from china leakd the screenshots of an Iphone which is under production and claimed it to be the Iphone 5s

On the other hand

Some experts also claim that apple is going to change the legacy this time, the next Iphone we will see would be named Iphone 6

There is no official announcement from Apple at the moment, the geek world is only filled with rumors at this moment

Everyone is busy writing about Iphone 5s while searching about the same I found out some leaked photos of a phone which people claim to be the Iphone 6

And I thought Why not share the leaked images with you people, so here are they

It is said to have a 360 degree display not literally but this is what this curved display is called by the rumors

To get the detailed explanation about this 360 degree display I recommend you check out this post on Patently Apple, they have explained each and everything very nicely with proper images

Iphone 6

iphone 6 2


iphone 6 1


No one is sure about the actual release date or features until apple announces it themself

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