Indian Online Advertising Networks: Alternatives to Google Adsense

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Getting approved for AdSense is not an easy task because of its strict publisher policies. For Indian publishers it becomes more difficult because of the six month interval policy (i.e. the blog must be live for at least six months to become eligible for applying to the network)

The other reason why publishers look for alternatives to Google AdSense is because its strict policies take away the freedom of the publishers.

I mean, once approved if as an AdSense publishers you want to experiment something on your blog the first thing you have to consider would be “Is it violating AdSense terms and conditions” and if the answer is no you won’t try it because you surely don’t want to get banned from the network.

These situations are when AdSense alternatives come into scene. Though there are a lot of international giants too like Chitika, Buy Sell Ads, and Blogads etc. Indian companies are also not out of the competition

The advantage of using Indian ad networks is easy payment methods, you can get paid via bank transfer or cheque easily the second advantage of Indian ad networks is easy approval and lenient policies which surely is a plus point for publishers who want to make some cash but are not eligible for AdSense

So here is the list of the top, known, popular Indian alternatives to Google AdSense


Ad Network


Monetization Model

Sulekha AdsCPC, CPA, CPM
Ozone MediaCPC
DGM IndiaAffiliate
Ethnic Online Network (Paypod)CPC, CPA, CPM
Ibibo AdsCPM, CPC, CPA


These were the top 10 Indian ad networks, I would recommend Ibibo ads if you want to go for the CPM, CPC or CPA model and if you want to go for any affiliate network then I recommend trying out DGM

These networks don’t pay as Adsense does but

something is better than nothing


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