Should I Quit Facebook For Google Plus?

google+ vs Facebook

Facebook or Google+?

If I ask you this question today which one will be your answer?

You won’t believe me, this thing has been there on my Facebook news feed since the past few weeks and now when Google plus has updated their look (I love the new look) the number of such updates has been doubled.

If you are also confused about which one to go for then I believe this post is for you

In this post I am going to discuss the positives of Google plus over Facebook and Facebook counters the Google network, and in the end you might be able to decide that if you were to choose one of these two which one would it be

Why can’t I use both of them?

Read this post from starting, did I say that you can’t use both of them?

It is just an imaginary scenario, that if you were to choose one of them which one would it be
Of course you can use both of them altogether

We are always with our friends

If your friends are on Facebook, you will also use Facebook because you want to connect with them

If your girlfriend is using Google plus, you will use g+ if you don’t wanna see her go in someone else’s hands just because you were not talking to her?

What am I saying?

I know what I am talking about, see this is the first point which I want to highlight; the network’s features won’t directly affect your networking habits

Answer this question

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Why do you use social networking sites?

Let me guess your answer


To connect with friends and colleagues

No claps please! I know I am right 😀

This is my point, whatever we say about these sites we will always go with the one where we find our friends features don’t matter in that

Does that mean features don’t matter at all?

No, I didn’t say so

Directly or indirectly, the features of a social networking site play a vital role in determining the number of users it has

Imagine a scenario

Let us consider Google+ for example

You are using Google plus because of your friend

Your friend is using because of his girlfriend

His girlfriend is using because of her ex-boyfriend was using it when they were together

Her ex-boyfriend is a geek and he was attracted to the features of that social networking site

If I sum up this situation, you are using g+ because your friend’s girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend was impressed with the features

this chain goes infinitely long

Features also play some role, remember that

That’s all with the stuff I thought you should know or ponder upon

Let us again come back to the hot question, Facebook or Google+

Looks and Impression on me

Facebook has been through a shock in the share market with their share prices falling down every day I don’t know what their marketcondition at this moment but launching features like the graph search, the latest newsfeed design, smartphone and some other internal settings advancement has helped them recover from the disaster

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According a report published in the times of India

Facebook is now boring

I am also a lot bored with Facebook having that blue color

Ok, Zuckerberg is color blind so does that mean we should suffer with the user interface

Remember Orkut?

At least it gave us the facility to setup up custom profile templates of different colors, so does twitter till some extent

In this case Google plus gains a positive, people who are so used to and bored with the Facebook’s blue color might find the white interface quite cool

Google+, I call it “The White Facebook”

So one point to Google plus for bringing something new

Navigation, this week as Google has come up with a totally new layout for Google+, g+ surely beats Facebook in terms of navigation (but only for now)

Facebook’s new newsfeed design is quite good too and I think it is enough to give some tuff competition to the white Facebook
Navigation, One to Google+ and one point to Facebook

Features and Security

This is a tuff competition

Google plus allows video conferencing, you know about Hangouts

Facebook also does that

But Facebook allows only with one person at a time I am right

Google Plus has communities, Facebook has groups

Both of them have pages

Google has 2 step verification for security, Facebook has login notifications

Security is not a concern because both of them have a huge team of highly talented vulnerability researchers (ethical hackers) working day and night to protect your personal information

Here also both a performing good in my list

So again, one point for Google and one point to Facebook

Number of Users

Google+, as of December 2012 it has 500 million registered users but Facebook is still the number one in terms of users

A fact reveals that if Facebook were a country, it would be the fifth-largest country in the world, after China, India the U.S., and Indonesia.

As I said earlier in this post, we go with our friends

So I will give Facebook one point and sorry Google, you need to wait until you beat FB in terms of users

The Webmasters Benefit

What is it?

Since the beginning of this post my target audience was you, the general public who loves to hangout on social networking sites but now let us discuss one more race on earth

Google is a god to most of the webmasters and blogger.

it is the largest source of traffic for me above social media
Since the addition of Google authorship and the author rank algorithm in deciding the search engine rankings more blogger have started using Google plus to get better rankings in search results because Google said that they will consider the webmaster’s Google plus profile for determing the rankings

Now everyone wants to survive in this world, if you say that if you don’t use our network we will not send people to your site obviously people will join your network because the people Google sends to our sites help us make money

Call To Action: The Verdict

According to the above things I discussed

I see Google winning by one point (the score was four for Google+ and three for FB)

If I were to choose one of them I would surely go with Google plus (the webmasters benefit)

But I will also check my Facebook profile on weekends because my girlfriend is one Facebook (just kidding! 😀 I am still single)

Did I miss any point?

Did you get the answer to your question?

Which one are you going to choose if I place such options before you?

Now stop being lazy and answer these three questions via comments 😀


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    No doubt we use these sites for the sake of our friends and on the basis of that my current answer is ‘no I’ll not leave Facebook for Google+’ but no one knows that when and how Google+ may become the biggest attraction in the near future and that will force my friends to leave the Facebook for Google+ and no doubt then my answer would be in opposition because I’ll follow my friend and become active at Google+.

  2. says

    I think , As an SEO i will go for Google Plus due to its benefit for Webmasters. Hope Facebook will also do some changes to its color combinations.

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