Complete List Of Web Apps Developed By Amit Agarwal

From the Official Labnol About Page

From the Official Labnol About Page

Amit Agarwal is the first known professional blogger from India and is known as the father of Indian blogging revolution

Honestly, he was the one who made me think about blogging seriously and now it is my future career stream and defeating him in his own business is my goal

You know, you should always have someone whom you can consider as your competition, the guy who belongs to the same field as yours and you want to be better than him, similarly for Inside tech Tricks I’ve set the milestone of Digital Inspiration, soon I will be better than labnol

Sorry, I just flew with the feelings now coming back to the point

Amit holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Apart from working on his blog Digital Inspiration he has also contributed a lot to the world in the form of some really useful web apps for general public and bloggers

In this post we are going to discuss some of those web apps which proved to be very useful for me and other which I believe can be useful for you

AdSense Sandbox

Getting approved for AdSense is not an easy task, you may receive a rejection at first, and in that situation you need something to calm your mind :-)

This is where I believe AdSense sandbox comes into scene, it helps you just make a guess or something or it keeps that feeling to try again for approval by showing you the possible ads your site will host once you get approved for AdSense.

That was my personal opinion, now jokes apart; it is a really useful app for bloggers and other AdSense publishers to know what kind of ads they will see on their blog once they get approved for the biggest advertising network in the world

Google Social Search

Now what this app does is, you enter your blog’s search query in the search box it gives you and you get to see the results of the query (like Google does) the “thing” in this app is the social share buttons below each search results, it lets you know the exact number of times the searched content of your blog has been shared on major social networks which include Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus (these three are his favorite ones:-))

Magic Auto fill For Indian Railways

The IRCTC is most cursed website on the web 😀

When you are booking railway tickets on IRCTC ( Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation ) each minute matters, if you get a minute late on submitting the details maybe you get on the waiting list because already there are hundreds of people trying to get their seats reserved and it works on the system of first come first served

In this you first create a copy of your details and store it as a bookmark on your browser and next time when IRCTC asks you the details you just have to drag that bookmark on the page and all the details will be automatically filled

Fast and early submission means more are the chances of getting a confirmed seat

Social Sharing Analytics

How did you reach this post?

Maybe Google, RSS feed or something else but social media is the second largest source of my traffic and it is just a part of some research work to improve the user experience to track the social interaction with the people so that I can get the most out of social media

Though I already use some analytics tools which also analyses my social media performance but this web app is really very simple, just enter your whole blog URL (including the http and trailing slash) and there you will see a list of your latest posts with the number of shares on the major networks, Facebook, twitter and Google+ (again, I think these are his favorite networks)

These were the top few in my list and I have also discussed the reasons why I like them, but that’s now all, he has a lot under him
Let us just have a small look at the remaining few

Tall Tweets– Helps you tweet longer than 140 characters (useful if you have a lot to say)

Sleeping Time– Analyses a twitter profile and accordingly guess the time the profile guy sleeps in a day (I think it would be better if this app could tell that with whom the person is sleeping :-D)

Code Beautifier– makes the long geeky code readable by non-programmers (the makeup artist of your source code :-))

QR Code generator– As the name suggests, it creates quick response codes (I think this app needs an interesting name)

RSS Search Engine– the Google of RSS feeds (nothing funny to say about it)

HTML Mail– create a mail in HTML which opens the same way in every inbox (your girlfriends using different email services will see the HTML main in the same way)

Hundred Zeroes– Amazon Kindle bestselling eBooks (in the past) now available for free (if you didn’t buy them then he has got it for you today and it’s free)

Listen– converts simple text into audio (For those lazy ass people who can’t even lift off their bed to read a document)

Search with Autocomplete– Get Google like autocomplete feature for other search engines (again for the Google fans who are lazy to type the whole query again)

Sitemap Generator– help you out in creating a sitemap for your BlogSpot blog in a click (I don’t need it now, I’ve migrated to wordpress )

Slideshare 3D– apply 3D effects to your simple slideshare presentations (a sureshot way to impress your boss and get a promotion)

Videos near Me– find those YouTube videos which were shot near your place (easy way to check if there is a Steven Spielberg in your neighborhood)

Web Screen Capture– lets you get screenshots in PNG format (throw your DSLR today and start using this app :-D)

And I forgot to tell you, I also love one of his scripts which he created for twitter
@DearAssistant– ask him anything, he will answer you something

News Clipping- The Launch Of @Dear Assistant

News Clipping- The Launch Of @Dear Assistant

If you liked this post, I mean If you also found some of the apps useful then just have a look on the left hand side of the webpage, I have the social sharing buttons placed for you, just click on your favorite one

Hope you enjoyed reading :-)


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    He has already proven himself. One thing I admire the most about him is that he already collected the knowledge and skills he needed through IIT (which most of us can't get into) and then became a blogger. The time when he actually would have taken up any high paying job. That's what I would call real passion and vision.

    • says

      Yeah Nishant

      IIT has surely helped him learn more and more stuff about his field and he is the most eligible person to write about that stuff

      thanks for dropping a comment

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    I have been following Amit Agarwal sir for about 3 years… I have learnt a lot from his blog I also follow Amit bhawani, who is also a popular blogger.

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