Get Rid Of Unwanted Tagging On Facebook

Tagging people in pictures is a really great feature Facebook has and for cyber criminals it is gift.
My country has a recent history of such crimes where people tagged girls on vulgar pictures; I guess you’ve heard about photo morphingTagging a tool in cyber bullying and today’s post is related to the same topic, how you can control people to tag youIn your friend list how many people you really know,Some of them are unknown which may use your personal data for some evil purpose,

Facebook has a feature which allows you to decide and give permissions to who may tag you in their photographs and only the photographs which you approve will be shown on your timeline.

Today I want to share with you a Facebook feature which I am sure very less of you know about because you don’t go to the settings option a lot, do you?

The reason I am posting about this feature is that it is not so famous; very less people in my social following know about it.

Sometimes I get complaints from my friends that someone of their friends tagged them in a picture they didn’t find suitable, and Iasked them a question

Why don’t you use the features Facebook provides you after all every feature has its own importance in your online lifestyle.

Now coming to the point, how to activate the feature I am talking about?

Simply Log in to your account and go to Privacy Settings


Now in the left sidebar click on Timeline and Tagging



Now in timeline and tagging you’ll three type of settings, click on the first one to review tags before they appear on your timeline by default it would be off so click on it and enable it



You’re all set, now whenever someone will tag you in any post first of all you will be asked to approve your tag and then only it will appear in your timeline.

NOTE: It won’t stop anyone to tag you in any picture but it stop the image to appear on your timeline until you approve them to appear

Not only images if anyone tags you in a status too then also you’ll be asked to approve the tag first

Hope you like this trick, If you did then consider giving me your feedback by dropping in your precious comments



  1. says

    Hey Nishant,
    You have shared a very important feature through this article. So firstly I would like to drop my thanks for posting such a great content. Cyber bulling and crimes have increased at a great pace, and I guess Social Media like such are the best source the criminals find to be easy.

    Keep sharing. :) Great Information :)


    • says

      Hi Charmie

      Thanks for leaving your valuable feedback

      I agree with your point, social media has a lot of cons but still the youth (we people) love it, don’t we :-)

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    Hey Nishant,
    First of all ..Your Blog is Looking Just Awesome !! :)
    Congratulations for this and the post you have shared here Is really very much helpful .
    Thanks a lot for the Share !
    Happy Blogging!
    ~Sugandha! :)

  3. Ehsan says

    Howdy Nishant, glad you moved to WordPress. You’ve done a wonderful job.

    The design of your blog is neat as well. Just work a little bit on inner codes, and keep one thing in mind while designing and placing anything on your blog that make people love your blog, and stick with it.

    Please don’t stress the permalink of your posts, It’s time to use a Custom Permalinks plugin and don’t include the date of the post in the permalink.

    Design a catchy optin form for your sidebar to grab people’s email, otherwise don’t use email marketing at all and remove that email form from your sidebar that you’re currently using now. I won’t tell you why!

    There are a lot of other things that also need to be improved in this theme to make it unique. Okay, getting late, I’ll sign off.

    Keep up the good work with your blog,


    P.S. Remove that “Latest Tweets” widget from sidebar NOW!

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      Thanks a lot for your suggestions Ehsan

      I am currently working on the design only, its just that I am new to wordpress and just getting introduced to the functions

      I have kept the permalinks same as they were when I was on blogspot to avoid some SEO penalties and soon when I understand the whole concept and working I will move on completely and no one will ever know I was on wordpress

      see, the latest tweets gadget is off the sidebar now :-)

      • Ehsan says

        Keep the permalink of your posts same as It was before, but with that plugin you can have sexy permalinks for your future posts and keep the old posts untouched.

        After installing that plugin, you'll get a new box to write custom URLs in WordPress just below post title.

        Checkout my blog for example, and check some older posts to check the difference.

        Wise for SEO 😉

  4. says

    Hello Nishanth,

    Well this is the most annoying thing which is dislike about facebook i.e unwanted tagging which will disturb a lot.

    However i’ve learned to stop it by following your steps..


    • says


      I also hate it when my friends tag me in the pictures when I am not in it and I often don’t have time to look at comments, the only option I have left is to unfriend the person who tags me like that

      Glad it helped you, keep visiting

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