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Are you a Facebook Addict?
In this post I am going to share a simple tip to make Facebook load faster so that none of your updates go slow because of your super slow internet connection.
I still remember my days when I used to have the slowest internet connection on earth and believe me having a slow internet connection when you are a social media addict is a huge curse.
Now a days websites are having a lot of features (especially social networking sites) and all those features have made each and every site very heavy.
By heavy I mean big in size and the bigger the size of the webpage the more time it takes to load.
If you look at some sites years ago, you will notice that they were really very small in size and as a result loaded faster.
Have a look at your gmail inbox in the basic HTML view and then in standard view
Which one loaded faster?
Obviously the basic one, It was loaded faster because it was small in size
Again, I deviated from the main topic
If you want to browse facebook faster on your slow internet connection then you can open it in the tablet view.

Facebook homepage in tablet view

What, Tablet view!
Don’t you think I will need a tablet for viewing it in tablet view?
Nice question, Actually NO you won’t need a tablet to use Facebook in tablet mode you would just need to type a longer URL than before
If you visiting Facebook using the normal URL www.facebook.com then for once try visiting Facebook using this URL
did it load faster?
I know it did, now don’t say thanks or you are so good because I know I am good.
Sorry for bragging, If you don’t believe me or you are not able to see the difference in loading.
For giving you a proof I ran a google pagespeed test for four of the pages
two in the tablet view and the other two in the desktop view
here are the results
In Tablet View : 97
Desktop View : 99
My Profile:
In Tablet View : 96
Desktop View : 93


So In the above data you’ll see that the pagespeed score of the homepage in tablet view is lesser than the score in desktop view while when I analysed my profile the pagespeed score in the tablet view is more than that of the score in desktop view.

So, the landing page loads faster in desktop view but your news feed and other pages load faster in Tablet view   I accept that the pagespeed score difference is not much (only 3) but when you have a slow internet connection a slight difference also appears to be a great gift.

One Last Tip

If you are using mozilla firfox then you get the basic mobile view in your desktop, just visit m.facebook.com   This will load the basic default view which loads on non-smart phones and this view is much much faster than the tablet view and the desktop view


  1. says


    Well to be honest i already tried this method.. because some times my internet connection will be insane and the speed will be utterly slow.

    So at that time i will be using facebook by accessing to a mobile version of facebook.


  2. Marcia Dean says

    This is really a very useful information about the facebook user and people will definitely get lot of help from it.

  3. says

    It’s a really nice post, I don’t know about others but it is helpful for me as sometimes my ISP’s server is down or the network is poor and as a result I get very less internet speed

    Thanks a lot for sharing this useful tip

  4. says

    Hello Nishant, most of the time I use mobile internet in the pc, and mobile gprs is very slow. I face so much difficulty in loading facebook, i hope that your tip will help me.

    • says

      Hello there !
      @neeraj mishra, you will surely congratulate @nishant for sharing this small but effective tip. 😀
      I also use ‘m.’ before some sites to make browsers load mobile pages. Because i also you 2G net to manage my connections on PC. 😀

  5. says

    Excellent post!

    Just tried the method which you've mentioned in the post and i should say it worked.. i mean the facebook load amazing.. I can use this while my internet connection is slow.


  6. tabicameroon says

    thnks a million bro, now i got just wat i need,but hhmmm wait a minute!……….ok am back with a cold beer n am login to facebook so let the fun begin!!

  7. Paul says


    This helped me out alot whilst on a terrible, oversubscribed connection whilst currently serving overseas… lifesaver!

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