Facebook To Unveil Its New Smartphone on April 4

Technology has taken us to the amazing world of Internet. Every product of technology is a symbol of enhancement from mobile phones to gaming consoles.While Internet can be an active part of a mobile phone, enriching the value of networks through Internet is always the trend.With the era of Facebook, establishing connections within people began. Being one of the largest social media sites, Facebook now has more than millions of users.

More than that, there’s some great news. Yes! Facebook is now stepping into the idea to manufacture a Smartphone. This is rated one of the hottest topics today.

Facebook Smartphone Concept

All of us know the brisk growth of Facebook. Previously it had just been a community of friendships and references, but now it is thriving to be one of the best places to carry out a successful business.

The very thought of inventing a Smartphone can take Facebook to the top of the Android Market if there are handy features.

For a Press meet on the 4th of April, arranged to describe anything and everything about the phone expected for launch, Facebook called many reporters to attend it. The expectations are soaring high amongst everybody with the proposed title, “Come & see our home on Android”.

However, there is a strong uncertainty about the launch because Zuckerberg had previously told the press openly that there are no ideas of introducing a Smartphone from Facebook’s side.

He also made it clear in the prior announcement, that a Facebook phone would not serve any purpose. With the pertaining contradiction, things haven’t fallen in place yet.

With the buzz that Facebook is planning to join hands with the mobile phone maker, HTC, most experts are awaiting a great surprise.

Many technology analysts say that if the mobile phone is launched, it could be a brand from Facebook, made by HTC and powered through the Google’s Android OS in a variant to the conventional type.

The launch of the piece of news has triggered a strong expectancy in hearts of Facebook users. Reports say that if Facebook accomplishes the idea of creating the Smartphone, there could be an array of exclusive features.

Facebook Smartphone Concept

Also, Facebook could have its own space to expand the features of Facebook Messenger and feeds. Many people even expect highlights such as Facebook Camera. Perhaps, the phone could also flaunt a dedicated news feed section & other interactive facilities which might be made to look like a dashboard of exciting applications and utilities.

Before this information was out, it had also been rumored that Facebook had employed a handful of experienced mobile phone experts from Apple to build the OS and the necessary assembly for the mobile device.

If Facebook blends its amazing facet of updates, wall posts & money making services with the wonderful aspect of creating a mobile phone to hold every little activity, then the odds of Facebook becoming a top Smartphone seller are higher.

Only from the Press meet that the company conducts, you and I will be able to make out what exactly the launch is about.

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