The Facebook Smartphone- Photos, Specifications and Price

The rumors about Facebook’s smartphone have been there since a long time on the web and soon people started to ignore this news but a few days back some journalists got an email saying “came and see our home on Android” and with that subject assumptions were made of the launch of a smartphonewe also received a guest post discussing about the above thing

Facebook To Unveil Its New Smartphone on April 4

but nothing was so clear until Facebook announces it itself

and then on April 4 at 10:00 AM Pacific Time the Phone was announced,

Here are some screenshots of the event and then we will go through the hardware specifications and other features

Now looking at the screenshots I wish I would also have been one of those journalists who received the invitation

Image Credits:James Martin from CNET

Yeah so, hope you liked the pictures,
Now Let Us Discuss some Hardware specifications of the Facebook Smartphone or the HTC First which to my surprise will only cost $99.99 by AT&T
Hope you like the Phone according to looks
Here are the specifications
→ 4.3 inch 720p screen
→ Dual core Snapdragon S4 Plus processor
→ 1GB of RAM
→ 5MP rear camera
→ 1.6MP front camera
→ Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean OS
→ HTC Sense 4.5 UI
Compared to other big players it is not a kind of good configuration but hey in just $99.99 what else could you expect, huh!
when the Facebook guys talked about the features their main aim was to focus on you
yes you, they kept your content first
and rest of the hush and rush in the interface is kept aside
like the iPhone had a circular button in the bottom center, Facebook virtualized that button and replaced it with the profile picture of the owner
What’s so Special about it?
I have the Facebook App On My Smartphone, How is it different?
Well, I haven’t used it as of now but the manufacturer claims the interface to be the best one in the market for social networking
You don’t have a special Facebook app, actually your Phone operating system itself is a Facebook app and you can use your favorite social network anytime
your messages, notification and all other stuff is simplified in a easy to use interface, I was attracted to the feature that you don’t wanna see check a notification, simple swipe and throw it out of the screen
There are actually a lot of other thing which the Facebook smartphone has for you, until the official reviews come after it enter the market
there is nothing much I or anyone else could say about the “Facebook’s Home on Android”

Here is the promo video from Youtube

Click Here To Check Facebook’s Official Page Of The Smartphone Named “Facebook Home”


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