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Last week one of my friends shared a video on Google plus, And I found it really interesting so here I am sharing this awesome video with all of the Inside Tech Tricks readers.People have a perception in their mind that programmers are stupid, logical people who are stuck with their computers the whole day and see the daylight one in a year

In some cases they are right because all the programmers are so obsessed with the work they do that they find everything else useless, The love what they do

But, in most of the cases people are wrong

programmers are the most intelligent people on earth.

don’t believe me?

Let us have an example, You just faced a problem, let us say a dilemma.

You are totally confused which thing to go for and the probability of a wrong decision is very high by a non programmer but a programmer will look at the problem logically and end up with the solution. The best solution

Programming gives a new aspect to your thinking, it is just like the fourth dimension where you can make everything possible.

Who is the world’s richest person?

Bill Gates

Who is the world’s youngest billionaire?

Dustin Moskovitz

I don’t think you will be surprised to see that the answers of both these questions belong the field of computers and programming.

Programmers of today are the wizards of tomorrow

Programming is something you will find really interesting once you get into it

Code.org is a great initiative to spread the programming culture in the world,

I am also currently working on my coding skills to help you people and give you a more in depth view of technology

here is the video, I am sure you will like it

Everybody In this world should know how to program a computer
because it teaches you how to think

                                                        -Steve Jobs 

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      Yes Navneet I totally agree with you, even my school has some of the lessons which are now outdated and codes are never to be memorized just the concept and logic is to be understood and the rest of the program just flows

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