Some Most Dangerous Computer Viruses Of All Times

So, I am sure you know what a computer virus is.In today’s post we will discuss some really dangerous or should I say the most dangerous computer viruses of all timesYou know that just having an antivirus installed on your system doesn’t guarantee that your computer will stay safe from viruses, you need to be aware of them too

Let’s give you a clear idea

Have you seen the super hit movie series, Terminator starring Arnold

In that movie a computer virus named skynet takes control over the world, I guess you know that

In the real world computer viruses are slowly moving to the stage where the movie might appear to a reality

Image Credit: Terminator Movie

The viruses I am going to discuss here are not to be feared from because their time has gone and every antivirus software can easily detect them, even your default windows defender just the condition is that it should be updated after the virus was launched.

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Here is the list

Jerusalem (1987)

It was a bomb virus made for MS-DOS and is known to be the first known viruses for MS-DOS

As I said it was a bomb virus, after infecting the system it didn’t show any symptoms or didn’t damage which can make the user realize that he has been infected by a computer virus

After infecting the system it waited for the first Friday which coincides with date 13th in 1988 and hit a large number of computers throughout Europe, America and the middle east

Interesting Fact: It was named Jerusalem because one of the first places where the computer were infected was the Jerusalem University

Morris (1988)

The same year in which Jerusalem infected the world Morris also came into notice of people. It did most of the damage in the United States of America and the part which I found interesting in the history of this virus is that the computers of NASA were also among the victims of this virus.

It was a worm virus which replicated itself in every computer connected to the network and the damage caused by this virus is estimated to be around $96 million

Interesting Fact: It was later found that this virus can also pick user passwords so apart from the software and hardware damage, privacy of the victims was also compromised

Solar Sunrise (1998)

When computer viruses were increasing every second Solar Sunrise made the situation more worse
it was believed that hackers sitting in Iraq and some in California triggered this virus which infected hundreds of computers owned the government and the private sector.

This was the time when the government started taking computer viruses seriously as they were the ones who were affected by it.

It infected the computers running on Sun Solaris Operating system and that’s the reason it was named solar sunrise because after being infected by it your computer will not see the nest sunrise

Melissa (1999)

To be exact, it infected the computers on 26 march 1999.

It was a worm which totally shut down the internet mail system.

It overloaded all the servers and was sent to people via email.

It was developed by David Smith from New Jersey who was later sentenced to 20 months imprisonment
and was ordered to pay a fine of $5000.

The best part about this virus was that it could send itself to others via Microsoft Office outlook that made its impact really vast

Interesting Fact: It was named after a Lap dancer that its programmer has been going to in Florida.

I Love You (2000)

I Love You,
No, I am not asking you out on a date. That’s the name of the virus. It was a similar type of virus as Melissa (a worm)

What it did was it picked usernames and passwords stored in the victim’s computers and sent them to its programmer’s computer.

It was made by a student from Philippines.

Interesting Fact: The developer of the virus was not charged in any case because at that time Philippines did not have any cybercrime laws. After the attack of I love you governments became active and started to take steps to make cybercrime a major offence. This situation led to the Europeans unions’ global cybercrime treaty

The Code Red Word (2001)

This virus mainly affected computer running on Windows NT and Windows 2000 server software. It was cleverly programmed and planned virus whose estimated damage was $2billion.

So why did I say that it was cleverly programmed?

This virus was programmed in such a way that after infecting a bunch of computers it chose the strongest one among them and ran an attack against the White house from that computer.

But the government with some virus hunter and other firms managed to decipher the code of the virus and stop traffic as the malware started its attacks

Nimda (2001)

Shortly after the 9/11 terror attack this virus infected millions of computers worldwide.

It was believed to be the most complicated computer virus because it had 5 different methods to infect computers.

Downloadup (2009)

Also known as the conflicker it was so successful in spreading across the web because it used a flaw in Microsoft windows.

At that the OS had a vulnerability which was used by this virus, after the attack Microsoft patched the flaw but the unpatched version were the one who were affected.

It mainly affected the eastern countries out of the 3.5 billion it affected worldwide

So how was the list?

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