Get Theater Like Experience While Watching Youtube Videos

Who on earth doesn’t love watching videos?Let us go through the search engine rankings in terms of searches done1.YouTube
3.OthersYes, you got it right

there are more searches on YouTube than Google, Watching videos online on sites like YouTube is a really good experience (if you have got good internet speed :-p)

I am sure sometime or other you might have seen any movie in a movie theater, How is the experience of watching a movie in theater?

Just one word to describe it, Awesome

In the whole dark hall you are only looking at the screen watching the movie and no distractions.

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By this time you might have thought what is the relation between YouTube and theater, both the places have their attractions

Well, a guy named Anmar Mansur brought the theater to your computer system, just improve your experience


See what happens is that when you play a video on YouTube you have to face many other distractions which are there on the screen so what Anmar did was he removed the distractions from your user interface so that you only concentrate on the video and enjoy

Anmar created a script which you can get here.

Install the script in your browser and whenever you go on a YouTube page you will see a light bulb icon around the video frame and as you click on the icon,

Lights OFF!

Rest all the part of the screen darkens and the only thing which remains same is the video frame.

How to Install The Script?

Installing this script is not a difficult job, All you need is Mozilla Firefox

Yeah, this script is made for Mozilla and you can install it using the Greasemonkey add on

Get Greasemonkey here

now when you have Greasemonkey installed in your browser then open the webpage of the script.

Open it in the same browser (Mozilla Firefox)

In top right side you will see a install button, that’s actually the download link of the javascript but as you have installed Greasemonkey it will automatically get the download and install it in your browser.

There, you have it

In the top right corner of your browser window you will see the Greasemonkey icon, click on it and select the script you just downloaded

Now you are all set to watch videos on Youtube, without any distractions

If you are not a big fan of Mozilla then you can go to Opera userscripts which is a grease monkey like feature for opera but I can’t guarantee its proper working as most scrips on the don’t work for it as all are created for Greasemonkey

Don’t Have Mozilla?

Don’t want to get into trouble of using the scripts?

Wooooo….If you don’t want to get into all the script configuration and other things then you can get the Youtube Dimmer browser extension by

All you need to do is just install the extension on your browser and the light bulb will be automatically added to your YouTube video page.

Get the extension Here

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