Create Your Own Time Teller Using Notepad

Sometimes when you are working on your computer system you don’t get any idea about the time sometimes hours pass but you still feel the time was less, same thing happens during exams also.

Well, i can’t do anything about your academics but i will help you create your own clock. So, why you should create your own clock when you have a inbuilt gadget in your Operating System? I can’t answer that question accurately but guys Fun needs no reason.

You might be thinking how can i create a clock using notepad, it is just a text editor. well guys somethings are not so simple. you might be knowing about command prompt and it’s capabilities, Notepad also has a similiar case.

I always Say, There’s More To Technology Than You Know.

That was all with the intro stuff, So let’s start with the tutorial.

First of all open notepad and in the first line type in      .LOG    as you can see in the image below

Now save that file with any name in the same TEXT format

Now close the notepad window and again open the file you created

This time when you open it you will see a slight change in the content, yes you will see the time when you opened the file.

If you want to keep a complete track of all that time then try saving the document, after saving when you will again open the document you will see the new time but this time the old time will also be there.

This Trick is Submitted By Arnob Mukherjee, An Awesome Dancer And Tech Enthusiast.

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