Intense Debate CSS To Make It Look Like WordPress

I don’t think I need to discuss about Intense Debate here as I guess you already know about it

But if you wanna know something more about the awesome comment system then please refer to this link
Its been some time since I started using Intense Debate on this blog and I am totally convinced with this system.
I get emails whenever there is a new comment on any of my posts and the interface is also simple to use and attractive, but it is not all.
Out of all those bucket full full of features it has the best one is its FLEXIBILITY
Flexibility is a sure thing if you are getting it from WordPress developers :-)
In this post I will directly share with you a simple tip and code to make your Intense Debate comment form look like WordPress.
Without talking a lot about what I am going to discuss let us directly see the working proof
Before Customizing
After Customizing
I am sure WordPress users will find this post of no use because they already have a better option by default but to all my dear Blogspot fans it is a gift who have a boring and useless comment system by default

If I start this tutorial from the very beginning I will make it really long to read and boring too
So let me directly jump to your Intense Debate dashboard assuming you have already installed it on your blog and you have used it for some time.
In your dashboard go the sites option on the top bar and select the site whose comment form you want to customize
First things to do before adding the CSS are,
In the Settings menu click on Comments option and Enable the Website field, If you have already enabled it then no problem at all
Above the Settings menu lies the Plugins one,
Click on the plugins option in the sidebar, browse the list of all the plugins and enable the CommentLuv plugin

NOTE: Now a days almost every wordpress blog has commentluv enabled to reward their readers for commenting but be careful when you are using it with intense debate because I am not sure that it makes the link dofollow or nofollow that’s the same reason I am not using it here at Inside Tech Tricks

Now In the settings menu you’ll see the Custom CSS option, Click on it
In the CSS field enter the code below
.idc-postnav-label { display: none !important; }
.idc-postnav-list { display: none !important; }
.idc-foot { display: none !important; }
#idc-container div.idc-text_noresize, #idc-container textarea.idc-text_noresize {height: 200px !important;}/*Pad and prepare new comment and reply comment boxes */
#IDCommentsNewThread {position: relative !important;padding-top: 80px !important;}
#IDCommentReplyForm1{position: relative !important;padding-top: 80px !important;}
#IDCommentReplyDiv{position: relative !important} /*Prepare reply comment for positioning */
#IDCommentReplyForm2{position: absolute !important; top: 31px !important; left: 200px !important;}
#IDCommentNewThreadForm2 {position: absolute !important; top: 7px !important; left: 175px !important;width: 100% !important;}
#luv_field_new {position: absolute !important;top: 10px !important;left: 0 !important;}
#luv_field_reply {position: absolute !important;top: 10px !important;left: 0 !important;}
#all_luv{font-weight:bold !important;} /*Bold the text for comment luv */
span#mylastpost img:first-of-type { display: none !important; }
Now SAVE itHey there! wasn’t it simple. Go and check your comment form and remember to remove all other signs of Blogger or any other platform which you are suing to make your visitors believe that you are on wordpress :-p
If you are somewhat good at coding then you can customize the above code or you can also create one from starting
Isn’t it great, Then why don’t you share it with your buddies, I have the sharing buttons already placed for you just click and share.
After writing this post, I searched a lot on customizing the comment luv plugin in intense debate but at last I failed in getting the solution and got to know that all the links in comments are dofollow by default and my blog was leaking PR juice, so Until I am on blogger I will keep using the default comment system


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