Get More Blog Traffic From Facebook, The Clever Way [Quicktip]

So Facebook is great place for people like us (bloggers) and believe me it is the best place to hangout with friends. I don’t particularly write on hanging out with friends so here I have a simple tip for bloggers so that they can get some more traffic from social networks.
Bloggers like John Chow when penalized by Google they survived on the traffic they got from social media.
If you want to get a huge amount of traffic from Facebook then either you should be really popular personality among your bloggers friends or you should have a huge fan base (some 30k-50k)
So what exactly am I talking about?
Nice question, let me elaborate
I am sure you might have shared thousands of links on Facebook, Earlier when you wanted to share a link you need to add a link separately by clicking on a small link option beside your status and photo update option but now as Facebook has made some really cool changes you can paste the link in your status update section and it will be posted as a link only
I guess you know that, So where were we?
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Yeah, you might have shared thousands of links on Facebook and I am sure you might have seen the preview of the link if you wait for a sec after pasting the link.
That preview is the point of play, the trick lies in the preview
Didn’t get my point so here is a small video where I have shown how to do it

Seen the video?
Here is small tip from my side, you can use this trick for fun as a good prank even to get more traffic to your blog but if you want some honest following then this might reduce your trust factor in the blogosphere
The ultimate decision power lies with you, what will you do?
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