How I Made $1000 With Adsense In a Few Minutes

Sounds an interesting title, Right?So is this post

Earning money online is a dream of many people and for many it remains a dream throughout their lives in this trick I will teach you how you can earn thousands of dollars from Google AdSense without many efforts.

Before we start let me clear it out, the interesting title is only there to make you click on this post.

Creating fake screenshots is not rocket science now days, thanks to hundreds of web apps which make this job easier for us.

You might have heard about the apps which let you create screenshots of fake status updates, news articles and such things but in this post we will go through something totally different.

We are going to create to create a fake screenshot of Google AdSense income report with the help of a web app.

Making money with AdSense is a tough job due to its difficult to enter policies so let us make your earning simpler.

I came through this web app, Google AdSense Generator which creates fake screenshots of Google AdSense income reports and the best part is using this web app is very simple.

Just fill the amounts you want to earn today and the amount you want to show you earned yesterday in the two columns and click on generate.

That’s it, done!

Quite simple, isn’t it?

It blurs your publisher ID, CTR, CPM and other data which you don’t want to be revealed.


There is no such creator in the market which could create screenshots with the new AdSense layout but don’t worry it is enough to impress your non-geek and non-AdSense user friends.

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    nice trick you have got here…
    Earning from google adsense is truely a challenge but can be done if you are serious and do legal blogging or otherwise :'(

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