Locking A Folder In Windows Using CMD- Tutorial

“everyone’s privacy matters”. Everyone who uses a computer has his/her own private folder or drive where he/she keeps all personal data whether documents, music, videos or anything else.
But if your computer goes in wrong hands your privacy is compromised.

There are many expensive folder locking and encryption softwares available on the web for purchase but they are not worth that money because most of them are very famous and crackers have found the decryption technique.

The main point behind this trick is,

people get so advanced that they forget the simple things.

For example, your antivirus program will detect any advanced computer virus whether a Trojan horse, a worm or any spyware but most antivirus programs fail to detect simple batch viruses which have the power to clear out your whole hard drive or even blast your computer 😀

In this trick also we will be using a simple folder locker batch program which will first create a folder on executing and then will lock it on executing it again.

An intruder may notice a folder locker application created by a renowned company but will surely ignore a simple looking batch program if he is unaware of the power of Microsoft Command Prompt.

It can’t guarantee your total protection but it is a cheap and effective way to hide your personal information from any intruder even your family members 😀

You can download the program and instructions from the link below and then follow the steps in the instructions file you downloaded to lock the folder or if you don’t understand the text instructions then watch the video tutorial provided in this post.

Download The Files

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