Know Your Password Strength And Stay Protected

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Every website uses text passwords for maintaining the privacy of it’s users, when you sign up for any website it shows you the password strength of your first password and also when you change it.

Treat Your Password Like Your Toothbrush, Don’t Let Anyone Else Use It And Change It After Every 6 Months

Your password is your key to the digital world, e-mails, social networking, blogging all depend on passwords for privacy.

small and simple passwords are easy to crack because of the easy availability of tools. Brute force attackers and other same kind of password crackers are easy to download, with just one google search you can come up with millions of results for the same purpose.

so in today’s internet era how can anyone survive?

You need to create a strong password and for creating a strong password there are 3 common rules and a special rule from my side (Bonus!)

your password should not

contain words that can be found in the dictionary,

be in sequence or in repeated characters.

contain particulars about your name, birth dates, social security, passport, driver’s license or any identifying documents. The same goes for details of your close family members.

You think your password is strong, if only you think it is strong than consider using some password strength checkers which check your password strength and tell you that can it be cracked easily or not.

my favorite password strength checker is

How Secure Is My Password?
The best about it is that it tells you an estimated time which any password cracker software would take to crack your password.

Test Your Password
The thing which I like on this site is that it allows you to generate passwords and you can check them too.

Both the strength checkers gave me the best rating, the first one gave me an estimated time of 63 quintillion years

Bonus Tip-

I suggest either keep your password very close to you, only you know about it ex. name of your secret crush or your imaginary friend or keep it too far from your personal life, you can set your password as any name which is not at all related to you in any way.

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