Google Knows What You Did Last Summer

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Have you seen the movie, I know what you did last summer or scary movie part one. One accident, one secret can kill you all.

What if Google also knows all your secrets?

Shit! This can’t happen.

Actually It can. Everyday day Google receives millions of search queries and believe me
they have the record of each and everything they displayed or you searched. The search stats of users are not visible to everyone except the user himself. The only condition is when searching the user must be logged in to his Google account.

Let me make it clearer, if you are logged in to your Google account and you make a search on Google then Google will store information about your search like, what was your query? How many results were shown to you? And you clicked on which result? The result you clicked was on which position? And stuff like that.

The reason Google has launched Ad words was the result of such stats, they got to know that 56% users click on the first result. So why not charge the websites for it.

Sorry for a bit deviating.

The reason Google has such history service is suppose a user makes a search query, clicks on any results and visits that site and when his motive is fulfilled he forgets the website URL and what did he enter to get that result to first position. Most of us do the same, right?

Now, What if you want to visit the same site again in future, you don’t remember anything about it. That’s the point when Google History comes into scene.

To know about your search queries and the results you got just go the Google history page by clicking here.

Login with your Google account

And in the first page you will see some graphs which tell you about your search habits.

If you scroll down you will see your recent search stats. You can also check older ones by browsing though those results.

And if the query you are looking for was made a long time ago then you can also search through all your archives.


Next time when you make a search on Google keep in mind that you are monitored and if you are going to search something secretive or of huge personal importance then remember to log out of your Google account before you search or open Google in incognito (private) mode in your browser because if someone gets hold of your Google account then….He knows what you did last summer

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