Create Your Own Proxy Website Without Any Coding

Are torrent or porn sites blocked in your country or your home computer?


The reason these type of sites are blocked are some rules created by your country’s government or your Home government i.e. your Family.


85% of internet users believe that banning torrents will help reduce piracy, If your country’s government has similar thinking then this post is for you.


Sexual content is harmful for children, it affects their mentality as they are not mature enough to watch such things. So if blocked porn sites are your problem then please don’t read further and check out other stuff on my blog.


Are social networking sites banned in your school?


Well, my school’s Wifi has a firewall filter which prevents social networking sites like Facebook to load on any device connected to network. If this the same case with you then you can read further.


The above three points were there to give you just a idea about what you can do by using proxy websites.


The situation becomes a bit complicated when proxy sites are also banned in your country or region. There comes your own proxy website into scene.


Creating a proxy website is not a difficult task, it just needs a few clicks and you have your own proxy website.


In this tutorial we are going to use wordpress plugin named Repress which allows you make a proxy site out of your wordpress blog. you can download the plugin here


Image Credit: Official Plugin Page On

Image Credit: Official Plugin Page On

Please don’t install this plugin on your personal blog containing a lot of articles owned by you (so what if some of them are copied).


The reason i said this is that this plugin is still in the alpha release and can make your site vulnerable to a XSS attack. for those who don’t know what an XSS attack is they just need to know that it is a really dangerous thing that can happen to your blog, and i am sure you don’t want to be victim of any kind of hacking.


So I prefer using free hosting for the purpose. But there is a problem with it every free web hosting site has a clear line in their terms and conditions.


You cannot host any kind of proxy website on our servers. They regularly monitor their servers for such kind of site and suspend the user’s account within a few minutes. Usually it takes around 5 to 10 minutes so you need to be really quick.


I don’t need to describe the installation process of wordpress, thanks to some automatic script installers like softaculous which can install wordpress for you by just one click.


After installation is complete go to your wordpress dashboard and then go to settings to change the permalink structure of your blog because the plugin we are going to use for our proxy site requires you to make your permalinks to the simple format for example

Now go to the plugins option, click on “add new” and search for “Repress”. it will be the first search result if it doesn’t show then upload the plugin archive which you might have already downloaded from the link above and if you haven’t then don’t scroll back, just click here..


Now you have your site, you can now add new websites which you want to unblock using proxy by just clicking on add site

but remember it doesn’t work on you root(home) page it will work under a page for which by default is
you can change this URL by going to the repress option in the settings menu.

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      Rekhilesh<br /><br />If I am right, blogger doesn't allow to host a proxy website but yeah google Appengine does<br /><br />I also have a proxy website hosted on google<br /><br />

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