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Google is great source of traffic to many bloggers, they earn their bread because of Google. Google gets around 200 million visits per day and most of the searches are for images. Although there are many stock photo services but their policies are not much attractive and downloading them needs some patience. Google gets a positive by showing a number of images on a single page and linking them to the source website which therefore redirects the users to the source website.

But there is a problem, with one search you can come up with millions of results. out of those millions only a few images might be like the ones you wish to have.

Whenever i do a Google image search most of the times i face a point where there are 3-4 images which suit my use but checking out all those images might be a wastage of time and it is a disaster if you have a slow internet connection because some images are very large in size and take a lot of time to load.

This post is based on the solution of this problem, below i have provided you some tools which you can download to suit the purpose i.e. Download a number of Google image results at once.

Before proceeding i would like to warn you about the legal policies about image search.

Be careful and use the images only for personal usages only. Follow the Creative Commons Privacy and its Terms of Use for a better understanding on privacy policies on images

There are a number of softwares available for the purpose but in this post we will discuss the top three applications which will download many Google images at once.
The first one on our list is…

Multi Image Downloader

This application generates link of every image from the URL of the search page. Using it is also easy, first of all do your search and then open the application. Now either you can click on Get URL which will directly get the URL from your address bar or if you are a bit traditional then you can also copy-paste the URL to the link box in the application. When you have the link click on get image links button and it will show you the links of image which you can download easily. One of my favorite feature in this software is that it allows you to see the predicted output before downloading which helps in choosing the right image as per the requirements.

Google Image Downloader

It is not owned by Google but the positive point over the earlier one is that it has a better interface and features to download images from Google. The biggest problem is that it’s free edition only allows you to download a limited number of images. But the search feature embedded in the application which allows you to directly search images from the application itself is really useful as you don’t have to waste time on first searching it on your browser and then importing them to the image downloader, also the results which the embedded search provides is almost the same as you get in the official Google image search.

Extreme Picture Finder

I saved the best for the last, this one has more improved user interface and features. The trial version is just of 20 days not even a whole month. Downloading the image using this Extreme picture finder is also a simple task. Simply go to the search, type your keywords and then filter your required images. This application not only allows you to download images from Google but it is also capable of downloading images from Bing and Flickr.

Now when you have the required information about all the three best downloaders then the decision is your that which one to use to download all images from Google search results.

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