Shutdown Your PC Using Twitter

I am the more Facebook guy and use twitter very less (only for blog promotion) but the previous day as a part of of my habit i was doing the regular random Google searches continously until i found this, today i will tell you about a windows software which connects to your twitter account and commands your computer to do what you tweet.
These type of sofwares appear to be useless to some people but to some they act as a life saver, How?
Have you ever left for work or school in a hurry and left your computer switched on. what if your family, your friends or anyone else sees what’s on your hard drive and gains access to all you personal data without making any special effort just by your foolish mistake.The application is known as Tweet My PC, which you can download by going to the codeplex download page of the application but due to some problems it is not working so you may refer to the direct link provided at the end of the post.

here are the instructions on how to use it-

#1 Open the downloaded file and install it. the installation goes like any other windows application so installing is not a big problem.

#2 After installing the application will ask you to login to your twitter account.

#3 Now you will be asked to authorise the application to use with your twitter account

#4 You will be given a PIN copy it, and paste it in the column where TweetMyPC will ask the PIN code.

Now you are all set, you can get the command list from the about option on the top bar or by the shortcut Alt+L

Just tweet, your PC will do what you tweet. for example you tweet shutdown from your twitter account and your PC will shutdown.

Download the application by going to this link

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