Inside Windows Desktop Search- Some Search Codes

Windows has a built-in search tool; most of us think it is no use because unlike Google instant it cannot predict your search so to search for a file you need to enter the whole file name.
If this is what you think then change your views because Microsoft is concentrating a lot on searching the problem of file extensions which you face while searching on Windows 7 and previous versions is now solved in windows 8 or i should say the search is more simplified in windows 8, But what about the windows 7
and windows vista users. As i have discussed some Google search codes on Inside Tech Tricks same kind of search codes are there in your Windows desktop search also.
Below i have discussed some of the codes which will help you search anything on your hard drive.You can search for a specific word in all files of a specific extension. Means, if you want to search the term purchase in a PowerPoint presentation so you may use the extension search code. For example, searching the term purchase in all PowerPoint presentationsext:ppt purchase

If you don’t want windows desktop search to crawl the whole file you can command it to search only for a specific file name. To do so all you have to is just use the filename search code with the extension code, for example

ext:ppt filename:purchase

The above code will search all the ppt files named purchase on your hard drive.

If you don’t remember the file name, you only remember that you checked that file a day before you can do a specific search for files by using the date search code. For example i want to search for a MS Word file modified this week then i will use the code below

ext:docx date:this week

Or if want to search the same file but this time i want to specify the time interval of my own choice then i will use the code below

ext:docx date:20-10-2012..22-10-2012

Now i want to search a video which i watched sometime after a specific date, let’s say 24 October so i will use the kind search code with the date search code but with a twist. Here is an example, for searching a video which was modified after 24 October.

kind:video date:>24-10-2012

Now if you want to find a large file which is occupying a lot of space on your hard drive then use the size search code with the kind or extension search code. for example, i want to search a video file which is greater than 500MB

kind:video size:>500MB

Similarly the size code can be used to find the files which lie in a specific size limit, for example


These were some of the search codes of your windows desktop search, hope next time when are not able to find any file you’ll use them

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