Reveal The Passwords Behind Asterisks, The Most Simple Way Ever

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I previously made a post which might have helped you create a strong password, this post is also on Passwords the only difference is, that was to protect you but this post will help you get the passwords of your colleagues or friends.

No, i am not talking about hacking, for the hacking stuff you have to wait for my cyber security blog which i will release in January 2013. Now coming to the point, every different field on any webpage is known as an element of the webpage. those elements are nothing else than

the HTML or other codes of the webpage and when you type your password those elements of the web page tell your browser to not to show the password to protect your account from shoulder surfing (peeping on the screen or keyboard while someone is typing password or other important data).

Now if you want to reveal that password you will have to edit that element of the webpage. You can’t take Admin access to any website and change the scripts so that it don’t show passwords under the asterisk (*) sign (LOL! of course you can never do that).

And there is a common belief among some beginners that copying those asterisks to any text editor like notepad will show the real passwords, this thought is stupid because when you do it you are not actually copying the password you are copying the asterisks ( * ) while the password is hidden.

So if you are not using a web browser from the Mughal era or Alexander’s time than your browser will surely have the inspect element feature. In this trick we will actually use that inspect element feature to reveal the real password. So here’s how to do it-

First of all when you have the password typed then first select the password input box by doing a single click on that box and then do a right click and click on inspect element

A small window will appear within the browser with some codes and one line will be already highlighted between those codes. In that line you will notice the term password, to help you below is a screenshot with the appearance circled.

Click on that term password and replace it with the term text.

You are all done, the password in that box which was previously hidden behind those asterisks is now visible in the text.

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