How To Know When Was Your E-Mail Read

Hey i just sent you an e-mail didn’t you get that? oh stop lying i know because i have been tracking that email and i know that you opened it yesterday evening.
sounds cool that you can track any e-mail and know when was it opened. well it can be done in two ways, either hack into the recipents account and check out his recently read emails or chose the option below.
Do you know that 2.8 million emails are sent every second and 3 million URLs are shortned every 10 minutes.
The email fact was OK above because in this post we are talking about the tracking of emails
but why did i write the second part about URL shortners? if this is the Question in your mind then let me clear out.
In this trick i will tell you a amazing use of the Google URL shortener. we will shorten a URL and place in somewhere in the email (if your email is not supposed to contain any links then also just add it somewhere either in the signature or anywhere between the text) so now whenever the recipient will open the email chances are that he will click on the link and if he does then you can know when he clicked by going through the stats of the shortened URL. if you find this complicated then just go through the instructions below, i am sure you will get it.
What you need to do is first of all open the Google URL shortner ( and shorten the URL you want to insert in the email you are going to send.Copy the shortened URL in your email and send it. Now whenever your recipient will click on the shortened URL the Google URL shortener will keep a track on when was the link clicked. you can view those stats by just adding a ‘+’ (plus) sign after the URL. for example, if your URL was then you can view its stats by going to the link

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