How To Extract Text From Images- A Two Minute Job

Photo Quotes are very popular today, those images with a few romantic or inspirational lines on them attract many people. Suppose you like the text on any image, what will you do?
type it word by word looking at the image and your text editor one by one, it will be mess.
In this post i will tell you a simple trick with which you easily extract the text on any image.
not basically a trick it is just a software which does the job for you, the freeware (yes it is free) is known as ” gttext ” which stands for Ground Truth Text.
GT Text is a simple to use tool which extracts the text in the selected  area in the image. I think it is enough with the introduction, so let’s start with the tutorial.

To do the job first of all you will need the software (Obviously!)
you can download the application by going to the download page, there it will show you a list of the versions available, download the latest one and install it on your PC. the installation process is as simple as any other application, Not a big deal.

(Don’t consider the above as installation under the promise of a two minute job, real work starts below)

Now when you are ready just run the application, you will see a file explorer window appear before you. GT Text offers you to extract images in TIFF, JPG, PNG, BMP and GIF. select the image from which you want to extract the text and click on Open.

GT text will open the image, now all you have to is just click on the area text OCR button (highlighted with a red circle in the image below). after the click your cursor will become active, now select the area in the image from where you want to extract the text.

As you will release the mouse button a popup will appear before you which will give you three option below the text it was able to extract, click on continue. the text will be copied to your clipboard.

Now open any text editor (Notepad or anything) and paste the copied text there.

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